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Based on the Marquis De Sade's short story Dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man and starring Dane Giraud, Daniel Gillies and Victoria Logan. This short film was made in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand, by a group of Film and Drama students from the Eastern Institute of Technology and UNITEC during one holiday break.

Lead actor Daniel Gillies went onto make a name for himself in Hollywood, playing Kirsten Dunt's love interest in Spiderman 2 & co-starring in films Bride and Prejudice & Captivity.

The master of Act of Dying Man was lost and only recently an almost complete version and original footage found, enabling it to be remastered. For the first time it is now available to the public.

Act of a Dying Man tells the classic love-triangle story, this time set in Hawke's Bay where star amateur theatre actor/director, Adam Stroller(Dane Giraud), is mounting a final controversial play in his hometown of Waipukarau before setting off for the bright lights of Auckland. In staging the Marquis De Sade's Dialogue between a Priest and a Dying Man Adam elects to go for truth in the production, casting a tightly wound Christian as the priest(Daniel Gillies), and roping his neglected costume designer girlfriend into playing the temptress(Victoria Logan). Life soon imitates art when Adams girlfriend and her Christian co-star begin an affair. With the curtain set to rise the truth is revealed forcing Adam to make a decision as to what is most important to him his relationship, or the play

Two feature films followed from Producer Robert Rowe, The Waiting Place and Luella Miller under the same production name of Blackbox films.

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