Tfue KILLS Ninja's WHOLE 33 KILLS in Solo Squads... 2 weeks ago   10:02

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In this video we have Tfue bumping into Ninjas squad in Salty Springs! Tfue manages to Kill ninjas WHOLE Squad but then dies to fall damage. Ninja accused TFUE of Hacking because Tfue was hitting insane shots falling from the sky. Ninja Accuses Tfue Of Hacking! Fortnite Battle Royale Best Moments, Highlights & Fortnite Funny Moments & Daily Best Moments!


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meme school
1st NOTI GANG were u at
Hat Man
Well tfue had him down 14 hp and decided to go for a yolo trick shot. And ninjas team was laughing at ninja because even if ninja managed to escape tfue still got him on the way down before dying. Of course ninja didn't laugh with them, he sat there mad saying he was going to make sure to report him. Ninja won, but he was mad at how he only won because the opponent killed himself and still managed to get a hit.
》The Sniper《
Everytime I see nickmercks I feel that I want to vomit cuz of he feeling god meanwhile he is using aim assist on pc lobbies disgusting asf
AidanDeNub 1
Dum NINJA squad be making excuses cause they scared of Tfue. And Ninja be saying everyone hacking just because they killed him and he won’t accept a loss. Ninja is a SORE LOSER!!!!
Tmash 123
Can people not tell when Ninja is joking? How stupid are people nowadays?
master galaxy676
Ninjas salty
snipeman 133831
Why did he kill him Self sry I’m late
Biruk Ayele
1:37 when tfue starts destroying ninja's squad
Andi amo
poor ninja :(
Dalton Bew
That last ninja clip was sick
Brian Lopez
Naw we know tfue is better than Ninja like if u agree
The funny thing is those 9yrs old kid that uses the excuse:
"Ninja was drunk"
Same fucking excuse.
Ramen Guy
I’m sorry....WHAT?
tluang vung
Tuck Ninja was boy
Will g04
There are many players better than ninja but most of them are unheard of.
The Ridelx Master
1:57 song?
AdamSon Gaming
Ninja is a fucking cheater
Trish Gibson
Boi 1
That's why I don't like ninja he is literally just accusing everyone who kills him of hacking or streamsniping because he think he is the best
When u need to hit that 10 min mark: this vid
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33 KILLS in Solo Squads... Tfue KILLS Ninja's WHOLE 2 weeks ago   19:27

33 KILLS in Solo Squads...

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