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Anna Benavidez
Can you be charged a late fee ..on a late late fee is 45.00 ..and I can't pay till the 1st. I explain it to them. She said it will be 175.00 then. Is this right. My 1st. Time being late. I'm so stress and sick
Late fees should be a one-time charge onto the next payment or when the tenant decides to leave.
Dorian Lovell
WOW - NO. Don't agree with "never ever waive a late fee????? Seriously now - this just erodes at a tenant-landlord relationsip. It creates resentment! NO good!!
Eros Hermes
How do you enforce the late fee?
shaon mukherjee
Late fee taken our of deposit?
i get my ssi check i love living off the tax payers i get my check on the first my landlord charges late fee after the fifth of the month there a a few months my rent would be late if i send the check in on the first so i have to pay one month in advance which i have been doing since i moved in the mail system in nj is horrible very very slow
the problem is many landlrods are too pathetic to go to their tenants apartment and collect teh rent many landlords in usa run a scam this is their scam they know the mail system is not 100 percent reliable in many ways so what they do is they make the tenants mail in the rent checks and then the incompitent mail system in usa looses your mail or the criminal mail man steals your mail or dont deliver your mail which happens alot in usa the criminal landlord robs u and charges u a very high late fee adn the crooked law systems allows the tenants to be victimized and robbed this way its sickennning
Irmarie Quinones
You're all crooks
LIeb Lee
Thank you so much for sharing. I’m part owner of a 5acre trailor Park. My tenants either abandon their trailers or not paying their late fees. Please help🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Mike Anderson
$5 dollar a day late fee?? Seriously I make my $15 a day....most pay when they don't it's ok by me if they pay late and catch up fee's!
Endy M
I going revised that lease I'm going do % for now on
Chris C
What about when when one tries to pay the rent but the management company uses a system that malfunctions? I started to figure out I needed a whole day off work just to pay my rent! It declines me online and the card they issued to use at Wal Mart doesn't work either! Then they hit me a $100 late fee!
Guillermo Villanueva II
Really like all your videos ! Thanks for all the tips and tricks.
Eric D
If the tenant doesn't want to pay the late fees, the only thing you can really do is not renew his lease. Good luck getting the courts to give you anything other than the base rent.
Chestnut Brown
Our lease lapsed one year ago, now the owner wants to sign a new lease. Is this legal? Can we get evicted for not signing?
Adrian Vinatoru
Yves Polynice
I’m having issues with my tenant. How can you and your business help me come from under this issue?
Thank for the video. Appreciate it
who cares
late fees are illegal... civil code 1671 and 3302 dictates that!
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Top Three Mistakes to Avoid When Three common mistakes landlords 3 months ago   09:00

In brass tacks, I explain the top three mistakes to avoid as a home buyer, specifically those made by First Time Home Buyers. As long as you avoid these mistakes, you should have a good time!

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