Welding up the 1965 vw karman ghia. 🔥 The First Lesson of Welding 5 months ago   36:41

l picked up this car last week from a friend, and want to get it so we can make a fun driver out of it. so lets do a walk around to see what we have then dive into the metal repair on the passenger side rocker panel.

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Alex Faetz
You got me hooked on carmen ghias now got to own one before i die this was a fantastic project would love to see you weld the last quater I was born in 65 so hooked on the 65 shape and prefer the rear lights of the 65.
Christopher Speck
Great vids!!! You do alot of metal fabbing,,,,,,,you should get some clecos,,,,,I love em
Rich S
Can you please tell me what scissor lift you have? That would be a perfect addition to my garage. BTW: Great videos. Thanks in advance!
Wander Feliz
Nice! Mustie1. Can you point me the right direction. On where to get the metal patches? I want to get my Karmann Ghia 1968. Mine is a lot worst. I’m here in Massachusetts
did you weld in the rear quarter and make a video of it???
love the ghia Darrin!
Piece of metal in the front is the radiator support.
A lot of old VW's used cheap low-quality Russian steel. Volkswagen tried to counter this by coating the rocker panels and underside in a special gummy rubbery product, but it didn't work. This is why you typically see rusted floor pans on later Type 1's and especially early VW Golf/Rabbit cars.

Frankly, I think you need to ditch the silly air-cooled SHIT and stuff in a well sorted VR6!
James Shanks
I can remember when I was scheduled for an inspection sticker on my 61 bug, the stop light switch on the master cylinder was bad and I had forgotten to pick one up. When I was in the inspection station the owner of the station asked me to step on the brakes which I did and at the same time pressed a starter remote button a friend loaned me after we wired it temporarily to the wires on the master cylinder. Passed with flying colors. Put a new brake light switch in her the next morning after buying one at the local auto parts.

I miss the old days.
Bill Burkart
I've watched a lot of welding videos and was wondering why you didn't use a weld through primer?
Brand X
I don't normally post on YouTube but this was perfect timing.I've been watching your vids for a couple of years and I love the VW stuff,the small engine and odd ball stuff is cool also but I love the car stuff.I had to have a kidney removed because of a tumor on the 9th of this month,and this series of vids came along at just the right time! I was excited to see a new project and the videos really helped me pass the time away while I was laid up in the hospital.Just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to make these as you're doing work,very entertaining and informative.Can't wait to see how this gem turns out.
Robert Heinkel
Using a fender hammer for bodywork, It's about time. I think you have used it for just about everything else.
That is a big project, perfect for winter.
Terry Kull
Transmission was in good shape,, it was trailered to Colorado Springs from fresno, and then the new owner drove it from there to the great North East
Terry Kull
Sorry, but its not a California car,,, it was “put together” (that crappy body work) from its show days in Florida’s.. and the rust
Is Florida too
Terry Kull
I bought that custom ‘colored’ horn button to match the color of the body
DG Carlson
Kinda hope you masked of the windows before grinding. Ask me how I know it should be done....
Sean Garvens
Mustie you goon why didn't you move the creeper lol
Brandon Drummer
You should buy a nother truck like crusty
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
Nice repair, liked
For some of the rusty parts inside the rocker panel, are you familiar with POR 15 paint? A friend has used it on an old T-Bird for a similar kind of driver-project, and it's amazing how well it really does stick to rust. It's good for those places where appearance doesn't matter. The finish is more like a sticky coating than paint in the usual sense. But it sticks to rust fabulously.
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🔥 The First Lesson of Welding Welding up the 1965 vw karman ghia. 5 months ago   12:41

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