Welding up the 1965 vw karman ghia. 🔥 The First Lesson of Welding 2 weeks ago   36:41

l picked up this car last week from a friend, and want to get it so we can make a fun driver out of it. so lets do a walk around to see what we have then dive into the metal repair on the passenger side rocker panel.

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Robert Heinkel
Using a fender hammer for bodywork, It's about time. I think you have used it for just about everything else.
That is a big project, perfect for winter.
Terry Kull
Transmission was in good shape,, it was trailered to Colorado Springs from fresno, and then the new owner drove it from there to the great North East
Terry Kull
Sorry, but its not a California car,,, it was “put together” (that crappy body work) from its show days in Florida’s.. and the rust
Is Florida too
Terry Kull
I bought that custom ‘colored’ horn button to match the color of the body
DG Carlson
Kinda hope you masked of the windows before grinding. Ask me how I know it should be done....
Sean Garvens
Mustie you goon why didn't you move the creeper lol
Brandon Drummer
You should buy a nother truck like crusty
Its a Rome Thing Everyday
Nice repair, liked
For some of the rusty parts inside the rocker panel, are you familiar with POR 15 paint? A friend has used it on an old T-Bird for a similar kind of driver-project, and it's amazing how well it really does stick to rust. It's good for those places where appearance doesn't matter. The finish is more like a sticky coating than paint in the usual sense. But it sticks to rust fabulously.
Andrew Wilson
Not the worst. Rule of thumb with these is there is rust you can see then there loads you can't. They do rust with the best of them. If you can do one of these well then you can do pretty much any car, takes real skill to keep those complex curves looking as beautiful as they do. Such a beautiful car, major league want!
Joel's Stuff
spider at 32:07
Ronald Cairns
Grew up in Montreal Quebec, My first cars were beetles and VW vans. The bodies lasted well, then along came Karman Ghia. Had a few friends who owned them. Nice car with the bio degradable body close to the Fiat. Don't laugh I owned a 1974 Fiat 124 TC Went like a cut cat, but body was so sad and this was a west coast car too. Thanks Mustie. Enjoy your projects
Ivor Little
Thanks for posting! I have so much to learn
Tony Ling
Rockers? We call them sills in England
Most beautiful car ever🤪
Rice Man
POR15 works perty darn good for stopping rust.
strip it send for blasting fix whats left
Marc Swanson
1:02 The heater or furnace, whichever term you prefer, can be seen center right between the passenger side rear view mirror and the exposed wiring further right. It works in conjunction with a small fan or blower which should be slightly audible from the interior when the unit is switched on.
Welp time for a beer or 2, mustie time. Thank god.. been along week!
Thomas Tieffenbacher/DocSavage45
Oh yeah what are your thoughts on weldable primer as an additional protection for the metal you're welding?
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🔥 The First Lesson of Welding Welding up the 1965 vw karman ghia. 2 weeks ago   12:41

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