The surprising beauty of mathematics | Jonathan The Beauty and Power of Mathematics | William 2 months ago   09:14

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Jonathan Matte has been teaching Mathematics for 20 years, the last 13 at Greens Farms Academy. Formerly the Mathematics Department Chair, he is currently the 12th Grade Dean and Coach of the GFA Math Team and the CT State Champion Quiz Team. A former Jeopardy! contestant, Jon's outside-of-the classroom passions lie in the world of puzzles and games, both as a competitor (in the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament and the World Puzzle Championships, among others) and a creator (orchestrating the long-running GFA Puzzle Hunt and crafting puzzles that have made their way into GAMES Magazine).

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maths is about measurement. period. no need to get philosophical
X Force
The only beauty i see on math is the mental hurting
The Doctor
Wow, bottom-line: "Find a teacher who asks right questions"
Mashael Ahmed Khan
Samah Ragab
whats the beauty in numbers with letters am a person who will never get math
lesedi lekabe
Soubhagyajit Biswal
mindboggling 🎯
The only thing I like about math is geometry cuz I can see what is happening but algebra I can solve the problems but it doesn't make sense to me
hung pham
i dont understand , maybe it is too
hard for me???
Engraçado ele
Khairul N Osman
I like to hear when someone@mathematician makes it easier for me to understand about maths.
mmh sandwich
Fun fact his last name matte is mathematics in swedish
Timmy B
I like turtles
Anubhav Kesarwani
martin lawrence
there are 9 numbers. 123 456 789. 123+666=789.
Axel Löfgren
Lol! Matte means mathematics in swedish!
Daí surge a pergunta oq eu to fazendo aqui
Ivan Buljan Van Boelken
How can anyone claim that everyone has math implanted in them? Sounds very strange.
Tra Ooo
ترجمة الى العربية من فضلك
Atindra Jain
He wasted time for a minute
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The Beauty and Power of Mathematics | William The surprising beauty of mathematics | Jonathan 2 months ago   12:42

William Tavernetti has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from UC Davis and is currently a lecturer at UC Davis in the department of Mathematics. William also works as a teacher fellow for the Introduction to Engineering Mechanics Cluster at the California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS). Prior to graduate school William worked as a Junior Reliability Engineer for Valador Inc. supporting the NASA Altair Lunar Lander. William also holds a BA in Philosophy and a BS in Mathematical Sciences from UC Santa Barbara.


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