HOW IT WORKS: The International Space Station International Space Station | Live 2 months ago   28:58

This explains each interior area, crew living quarters, and scientific equipment.

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Margaret Calder
Anyone else’s gaydar went off???
Love her!! Awesome tour! Can we please see more from her? 😊
I can show my mom this and she’ll be like “thErEs oN a SEt anS tHErEs vEnTs tO make theiR haiR stAnds lIke ThaT”
AmericanPatriot 1776
Her hair is supposed to be floating. It looks like it's heavily ratted out.
Pluto Mxrs
did anybody else notice the “stars” look fake on this? she has “stars” on her shirt that move when she was in the sleeping chamber thing. It looks fake
animatemanz learning to do stuff
In space you get herpes faster boom ruined it for ya
Hollywood scene
There's become good movies
ham sandwich
She looks like she's been electrocuted
Tianna Elizalde
14:30 *OMG THE EARTH IS ROUND?!?!?!?* 🤯🤫🧐🤔😒😏😜
Gracie King
who is watching in 2019?
Boris Dukić
Imagine like a "space park" a playground in space where you fly around and all sorts of cool stuff. I can kind of see it in the future lol.
Tianna Elizalde
I would kill for that kind of hair volume!!
Fabio Jose
John Appleseed
I got claustrophobic just watching this.
Samantha Hauser
Marie Kondo would be disappointed
SÁlv16 G.
0 gravity sure looks fun. So bad I know I will die without trying it myself :(
Fair Winds
Amazing tour! I'd have trouble with claustrophobia in some of the tight places in the station.
Canal Julius
se tem ar para eles respirarem, como q a gravidade é 0 ? .-.
Peter Lee
I see windows xp on the monitor...
Why the hair doesn't moves as the chain ??
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