Tucker Carlson Defends Assange. Assange Arrested and Charged with 2 days ago   19:32

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Lorin Park
You're just now finding out Tucker Carlson is a straight shooter?
Bill Thomas
Tucker: Damned by faint praise. He is really a pretty smart cookie.
Ron Maimon
To understand why Tucker Carlson is allowed to tell the truth, you need to look at the managed discussion on far-right conspiracist sites involving "Q-anon" and similar ideas. These discussions are designed to steer the far-right armed right-wing crowd following Trump into a collection of similar conspiracies. Some are old, some are new.

With Q-anon, and similar conspiracy, the right-wingers have constructed an elaborate alternate reality in which there is a shadow movement doing things in secret, ready to pounce, fire all leftists from all positions of power, and revitalize the US to its roots, i.e. institute true fascist totalitarianism. Whether this is an actual plan that people are plotting to execute when there is enough support, or whether this is just a feel-good fantasy to justify why Trump acts against their interest, I can't say. It is frightening either way. It is a purge fantasy, like those of other totalitarian states.

To facilitate the conspiracy, which is coming from the extreme-right extreme-racist crowd, Tucker Carlsons' audience, you need at least one 'honest' voice in the media which directs the crowd to the 1-minute hate. Carlsen tells the truth on Assange, wins the crowd, and then blames the persecution of Assange on 'the left'. That produces a hatred of the Democratic party.

This is a very well-crafted propaganda method, whose goal is isolating and dividing the progressive or dem-socialists from the right-wingers with enough venom that there can be an armed violence. It is really extremely violent, and it is stoked by agitation of the type you haven't seen before in American politics, it sounds like before Pinochet started a dirty-war against the left.

To get such things done requires some truth to be told on the right, a small amount, always on issues that don't directly affect taxes or health care or the division of wealth.
Rita Marie Kelley
Something is happening at Fox.  Tucker Carlson with a cogent report on journalistic integrity?  Suspending Janine Perron?  Having a town hall with a Democratic Socialist?  I'm giddy with wonder.  There have recently been a couple of other shocking segments on Fox.  I don't know where this is heading, but I like the direction...
It's a bit amusing to read conservative comments about Tucker and other right wingers "red pilling". Yet as Jimmy points out ( a leftist), Tucker leaves out the government tortured Manning. Tucker also skips over what specific crimes were exposed by Wikileaks and Manning. That is the difference between a mild red pill, and one of a deeper red. That calls into questions the morality of America and its role in destabilizing the world, which has lead to tragedies like 9/11. The limits of a conservatives 'red pill' are in display here. Good on you Jimmy for taking it further. Even though its tougher to swallow.
Giuseppe Milza
Dear Jimmy your love affair with Tucker, shows us how we can bridge the divide
J Bodhi
First time watching you.
I really liked it
J Bodhi
I love Tucker
Jay James
If Jimmy actually knew anything about Conservativism or the founding principles of the USA this would not surprise him at all.
Jimmy forgot to mention NPR.
Lee Mac
Christ! So this self-identified fuck face is only now waking up to this shit? He shocked that Messnbc and CNN don't tell their viewers the truth? Limited vocabulary, limited brain power and a real honest to goodness dope. He's not worthy to lick Tucker's boot soles.
Rick Hoxie
I've heard Tucker say some close minded backwards thinking Bs and he doesn't get credit for doing what a journalist is supposed to do sometimes he tells us the truth thanks Tucker for doing your fucking job I don't watch any tv it feels like it's all just filler until it's time for daily dose of mass hysteria fearmongering for control who would have thought religion wouldn't be enough to keep us in line
are you new?
Rick Hoxie
This assange shit is a pretty clever distraction for the media and there going to keep hammering away at assange pummeling the American people that way they can slip a couple coups or wars whatever it's all about we needed one more thing to fully distract us were a bunch of fucking droolers cellphones tablets and Siri oh my. I just wish they would push all the buttons now right now a little cleansing if you will
he never said he did nothing illegal, he said he...didn't hack....that trannie did.....get over yourself....
James Irwin
Tucker often gets the information right. Doesn't mean that his conclusions are valid. I often see Tucker get the information right
then jumps straight to a right-wing talking points. Eg. 1+1=The end of democracy and the American dream.
Who are you speaking of when you say everyone makes fun of Tucker? I'm pretty sure I've never had that thought since the day I started watching him. Sounds like someone is being a little jealous bitch that they're not on TV like Tucker is.
Lost Forever
LNN ended up shot dead. I've got a big fat arse to feed.
Elena Mraz
so many IDIOTS are running US WOW !
Anonymous Person
Jimmy how do you not realize how your own video makes you look biased and stupid.
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Assange Arrested and Charged with Tucker Carlson Defends Assange. 2 days ago   06:49

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is arrested on conspiracy charges, ending the nearly seven-year standoff between him and the U.S. Justice Department and raising questions about journalistic freedom.

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