Ocean Waves and the Erosion of Coastal Erosion at the Beach 3 months ago   07:39

Darron Gedge's Geography Channel
Ocean waves are the main agent of erosion at headlands, cliffs and beaches. As a rule the stronger the waves the more erosion will take place. However, the impact of waves is moderated by the geology of the cliff. Hard rocks erode more slowly than soft rocks. We call this differential erosion.
This video covers waves and the land forms that result from wave erosion: How waves form, the importance of fetch, and how they break. Coastal land forms covered include cliffs, headlands, caves, arches, blow holes, wave cut platforms and stacks.

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GCC Gamin
steve timothy
helo earthlings
what do the hard rocks become when eroded i cant hear
Tom Elliott
Absolutely brilliant!
Steven Mliga
Thanks. it is intersting.
Adil Eltah
great vid learnt so much
Stephan Bitterwolf
Great video
Thank you!
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Erosion at the Beach Ocean Waves and the Erosion of Coastal 3 months ago   03:33

Elaine shows us how wave action can cause erosion at the beach.

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