Houston Rockets vs Milwaukee Bucks [NBA HIGHLIGHT] LAKERS beat 2 months ago   09:43

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Buddy L
fire Dale Mori -too cheap to resign House, bring Carmelo back . Dantoni flop
Needs one ejection to break Harden's leg. Really kills the game of basketball
Flur Chorrein
01:37 traaaavelling again
go warriors beat 'em all
this harden is really hard to guard he's very skilled but his defense is disaster. and he's lazy as fuck and doesn't really use his brain..
Rodolfo Gonzales
it can't deafeat in the lakers #LakersNation
I love Dtown
Harden will let any player go past him on defense then try amd hurry up and make up for it on offense. No defense no ring Harden!!
adam abella
the best
Beautiful tingles
Beautiful channel thanks a lot better than cable ESPN
mr mr
Good win. Still not impressed by giannis
Boy Kamote
Very relaxing game hahaha
Gabriel Arreola
Am I the only one that saw hardens travel at 1:37
Ye Xie
No CP3 and Eric Gordon, the 2nd and 4th man of this Rockets, they still have chance to win this close game, and bucks are No1. seed in east. People should not ignore Rockets, they will be a strong force
Skye Walker
You cant even attemot to contest Harden's shot cause refs call and1 no matter what. What is wrong with the NBA...
Gerald Augline Sr
What do harden even guard, he must think his beard might fup
Josiah Burns
go bucks go
Nau ris
Why nba refs let harden travel all the time... its hard to watch this bullshit na rockets looks weak then they dont make 3s
leumel nayrb socudas
Rodrigo Tavares
102 fans of Rockets give's dislike.
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[NBA HIGHLIGHT] LAKERS beat Houston Rockets vs Milwaukee Bucks 2 months ago   09:18

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