Behind Bars: Rookie Year Prison Gangs - The Mexican Mafia 1 day ago   43:25

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The rookies must find ways to assert their authority or risk being preyed upon by predatory inmates. Ariel is nervous about supervising a death-row inmate on tier time, while Lilly struggles to assert herself in a pod full of unruly gang members in Season 2, Episode 3, "Predator vs Prey". #BehindBars
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"Behind Bars: Rookie Year" follows a group of new recruits at the New Mexico Corrections Academy (NMCA) as they come face-to-face with criminals who take pleasure in preying on weakness. Whether they're cadets in training or brand new on the line, the officers all wrestle with a critical life-or-death question: Is it worth it?

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Like Behind Bars: Rookie Year? Catch the new series Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole on Tuesday, April 30th at 10/9c!
Anh D
'I wouldn't take myself seriously.' Fabian is quite self aware.
Snickas Bah
Big fan of the Fabester. You can do it bruh.
Cee L.
Where's purtos neck ?
Mario Luffy
I kinda got annoyed when she said she hasn't written anyone up. So she deserves the verbal abuse if she is not going to do anything about it.
These brave young men and women will learn. Good for them for taking on one of the most adversarial careers in America.
greg E
Most of those inmates (animals) need to be euthanized!
BiLLy m
lilly needs to go nursing school and fabian needs to go to college for like IT work
BUDS: The Animated Series
I want my Quran or I'm going to cut my wrists... Where's the problem? Have at it tough guy. Just try to do it over the sink or toilet.
jasmine Al-Amin
to all the future CO's and police officers: you dont have to be big to have a command presence- teachers and coaches do it all the time with bad kids.
jay walker
Definitely pitch more full episodes on not 8 minutes not 3 minutes not 4 minutes full episodes thank you for putting these ones on here
Layrr Jackson
fabian dumb af 😂😂😂😂, they walked straight in there goin thru stuff
Layrr Jackson
nobody : tim: "hey fellas, hey fellas, hows everybody" 😂😂😂☠
Fabian should shave his head to have more of a gangster look just a little bit more intimidating
Some people are a waste of air and should be disposed of. I gladly be their judge, jury, and headsman!
awe Ruby
one thing is for certain....i dont know if im coming home tonight
C Bell
Having lily there. No. Just no. She looks like a scared little girl. That needs to be addressed!
C Bell
You can’t be having people like Fabian on. He’s risking the life of other officers. He just comes off as prey. He’s scared, he’s not ready to be there.
Anthony Ramos
Lilly about to get gang banged soon lol
Brandi Castillo
Lilly boo boo stand up for yourself.
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Prison Gangs - The Mexican Mafia Behind Bars: Rookie Year 1 day ago   41:41

Prison Gangs - The Mexican Mafia
Educational epsiode on Latin American gang warfare inside the US jail system.

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