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Look Inside World's Most Expensive And Biggest House - Antilia |
Top 10 Interesting facts about the Ambani Residence - Antilia

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Living in the most expensive of areas in a never ending mansion replete with all the amenities you can dream of; surrounded by a staff running to cater to each of our whim. Wake up, the bubble of your impeccable imagination just burst! Welcome back to the reality, that’s not your home but such a place, actually exists. Don’t believe us? Allow us to guide you towards a peep into Antilia, the mesmerizing abode of the richest man of India!

10. The only home
9. Distinct designing
8. Extra heights
7. Comfort traveling
6. Affluent Neighborhood
5. Luxury amenities
4. The extra step
3. Unbeatable hospitality
2. Energy efficiency
1. Best of both worlds

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Gregory Shuteev
What an ugly atrocity!
The word sight
Bill gates is also good
Pute Addya
none of the photographs used in the video pertain to the house in the title!
I hope the people of Mumbai drag this guy and his family out of that home and eat them in the street.
Look outside!!.
Avik Datta
Chudir bhai ambani ...😁😁😁😂;
Arthita Dasgupta
Lol... speechless...main middle class family mein hi thik Hun Bhai...😂😂😂
World Wide
Chect these out.!!
Costliest of Everything
Aditya Kshirsagar
It's 40000 sqft not 400000
Rudhin Menon
The Snow Area 😆
Jae Evanoff
This guy prolly is the ceo of t series
jahangeer baloch
Allah Hinduism ko isse dunia mai dita hai aur Muslim ko uss dunya mai jannat Hasel hota hai humare pass jo hai hume usse me khush rehna chaye
sam jones
But wait till you see the electricity bill
Kalppana Thevi
Inspiring living. Work smart to live like him.
I do not like this bilding design
SnEakY HoG
Sireka Singh
So much to chose from I should like to know you
Sireka Singh
Wish I could if it possiable
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Michael Jordan's Lifestyle ★ 2018 Look Inside World's Most 5 months ago   11:25

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