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Look Inside World's Most Expensive And Biggest House - Antilia |
Top 10 Interesting facts about the Ambani Residence - Antilia

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Living in the most expensive of areas in a never ending mansion replete with all the amenities you can dream of; surrounded by a staff running to cater to each of our whim. Wake up, the bubble of your impeccable imagination just burst! Welcome back to the reality, that’s not your home but such a place, actually exists. Don’t believe us? Allow us to guide you towards a peep into Antilia, the mesmerizing abode of the richest man of India!

10. The only home
9. Distinct designing
8. Extra heights
7. Comfort traveling
6. Affluent Neighborhood
5. Luxury amenities
4. The extra step
3. Unbeatable hospitality
2. Energy efficiency
1. Best of both worlds

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E- Learner
If his whole family dies??????
vashu kumar
wow !!👍
Triggered Block
Here I am happy for 2,800 vbucks lmao
Being Human
Ambani Adopted 'Modi', but why😇
Juicy Boy
2 minutes facts mor like 6 min facts
ItS mE AaDi
Nooo its $2 billion
AD ForKnowledge
I am facing water issue in my building due to Gunda and perverts living in my building and they don't give maintenance. And at the same time I am seeing this video. Just imagine what chemical imbalance must be happening in my head and in my body. 😊
Daniel Thaler
Where da brown women at? What floor?
He’s rich but his countries shit poor
ambani is so rich that he gave jio to indians just so that they can see this video
Prateek Awasthi
Please don't use Jio
Prateek Awasthi
Please don't use Jio
Prateek Awasthi
Please don't use Jio
Prateek Awasthi
Please dont use Jio
Prateek Awasthi
Jo bhi Jio use karega vo Bharat ka dushman hai देश का Gaddar है
Prateek Awasthi
Jio ka परित्याग karo
Prateek Awasthi
Mukesh Ambani Madarchod है Sirf janta ko loot loot kar 55 billion dollars ki net worth bana li gareebo का khoon choos choos kar
anju meena
I am due to the same day dty I want to change the World Bank group you guys are doing well error occurred when r 4rrrreR4 R5 ërrrrrrrrrrrand RR 4ur3rt5t do remember that ff
Pooja Soni
I am totally amazed by the ball room and snow room.....that's why we are proudly called as Indians ... marvellous creation..... really it's the best of both worlds.....😎
Ambani Sir please please please help those who are homeless, without food, clothes. Please do something for them definitely u your family will be blessed. Ur fathers blessings will be always. Ambani sir don't spend money on luxury things please wipe tears of old , homeless n sick people .
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Michael Jordan's Lifestyle ★ 2018 Look Inside World's Most 2 months ago   11:25

Michael Jordan Income, Houses,Cars, Luxurious Lifestyle and Net Worth 2018
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