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2 Minute Facts
Look Inside World's Most Expensive And Biggest House - Antilia |
Top 10 Interesting facts about the Ambani Residence - Antilia

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Living in the most expensive of areas in a never ending mansion replete with all the amenities you can dream of; surrounded by a staff running to cater to each of our whim. Wake up, the bubble of your impeccable imagination just burst! Welcome back to the reality, that’s not your home but such a place, actually exists. Don’t believe us? Allow us to guide you towards a peep into Antilia, the mesmerizing abode of the richest man of India!

10. The only home
9. Distinct designing
8. Extra heights
7. Comfort traveling
6. Affluent Neighborhood
5. Luxury amenities
4. The extra step
3. Unbeatable hospitality
2. Energy efficiency
1. Best of both worlds

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Ma Banza
But he doesn’t get to pluck oranges from the bedroom window like I do; nor can he hear the gentle murmur of the brook that lulls me to sleep every night. I breathe heaven’s misty breath first thing I wake in the morning. And I live.
SonstarSparkles Utuber
I will say that all the poor people that live in India would not agree with this lavish way of living!
Unknown 80
in this birth he was born rich ,yes so h e is enjoying ,who knows in his next birth he may be born to some beggar😣😣😣
Well , it's not a 2 minute fact !!!!
Deepak Chhetri
Hmm.. ok nice but ..

Why am I watching this?
send mail
I have same house like this
Rowen Rivahein
Can't believe a dothead rapist indian owns this.
Chip yard
I am amazed that this video seems to revel in this extravagance. This is not something to aspire to.
Sushanta Baxla
Might be so expensive
Outside it does not look like
shubhankar chauhan
Every body in india has contributed to build this house
Saif Chowdhury
Still no toilet
Royal Paris
Serve coffee the way it's done at the palace. www.royalcoffeemaker.com
make a video on Ambani's daughter's marriage Beyonce was paid to dance on the wedding ceremony
shafi ullah
Hindustan =Slumistaaan... World biggest slum
shafi ullah
Hindustan =Brothelstaan. .....worlds biggest brothel
Pepperis GT
*This is like my whole countries value*
Ruthie Bower
Sooo ugly.
Neeraj Sharma
It is the ugliest thing I have ever seen
Atish Mane
Paisa jyada hogaya lagtahe
Art Fan
Channel name: 2 minute facts
Video time: 5:41
Me: 😲
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Michael Jordan's Lifestyle ★ 2018 Look Inside World's Most 2 days ago   11:25

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