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Nanci Griffith at the BBC

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Robert Giorlando
One of my all-time favourite country artists.
Glyn Watkins
I first heard Nanci Griffith on a live BBC broadcast from the Victoria Theatre, London, in, I guess, 1986? Haunting and hard edged. That's what Nanci Griffith has been more themes than the world yet knows!
Despiser Despised
Why would Nanci give this song to Kathy Mattea? It is perfectly suited to her voice.
Burton Keeble
Makes me tear up every time I hear the refrain.
Can anyone not fall head over heals for the lovely Nanci?
Craig Gillies
my wee mum loves this
vince benjamin
I love this song, takes me back to when life was so much easier. We love u Nancy
vince benjamin
This is just amazing, still cant get it outta my head after all these years
Audrie Siegel
"Now he sells insurance on the side"
john sosman
this is my favorite version of this great song
Tom Thomas
Anybody know what her guitar tuning is for this song? Always loved this.
Michael Kelly
Chris Jones
Always gives me goosebumps.
Frank Montoya
Rather magical acoustic-guitar work, too. Crisp, yet under-stated. WOW.
Michael Previs
Smells like popcorn and chewing gum rubbed round on the bottom of a leather soled shoe ;)
Mary Johnson
25 thumbs down. Hopefully Edward Snowden's old friends track them down and eliminate them. If you don't like this, you must be an axe murderer or terrorist of just ain't got no soul.
hola nancy
Gordon Eggleston
I agree what's going on with Nanci?
What's really painful is not knowing what is happening with her. Her website has no new information since 2012. There's nothing on her facebook page...actually, it's as if she dropped off the Earth...very sad
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Nanci Griffith: If Wishes Were Nanci Griffith - Love at the Five 2 days ago   03:54

From the October 29, 1989 episode of the short-lived music television show Night Music. Nanci is accompanied by drummer Omar Hakim and guitarist Hiram Bullock on vocals, and the show's host David Sanborn on sopranino saxophone. This episode also featured Todd Rundgren, Pat Metheny Group, Taj Mahal, and turntablist Christian Marclay (see my other videos for their songs.)