Marines Fortify Two San Diego Port Cutting Through Hungary's Razor 2 days ago   02:33

As a group of migrants continues to make its way to the US border at Tijuana, the Marines are fortifying the two Ports of Entry in San Diego. KPBS Military Reporter Steve Walsh went behind the scenes and has this report.

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Cutting Through Hungary's Razor Marines Fortify Two San Diego Port 2 days ago   07:24

As Hungary cracked down on its border policies this week, those seeking refuge in Europe made one last push before their route was altered permanently.

The tightening of the Hungarian frontier on Tuesday marked a crucial shift in the migrants' journey, leaving them in limbo and forcing many to divert through Croatia, or cutting the fence separating Serbia and Hungary and risking significant jail time.

VICE News followed refugees the day before, seeing the desperate measures migrants and refugees resort to, and talking to those who had made the journey from Syria, trying to beat the deadline.

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