Trump says U.S. in "strong Trump Lies About His Trade 1 day ago   13:26

CBS News
Despite an ongoing trade war with China, President Trump appeared confident in the U.S. economy, saying it's in a "strong" position. This comes after the Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged more than 500 points after China imposed its own tariffs on the U.S.

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thomas 71
How much have all these trade tariffs meetings cost the US tax payers. All this trade talk is a massive joke, and will only hurt US consumers, forget the farmers what about the rest of American!
Moses Jun
I ate in a Chinese restaurant with my family and friends for over 30 years. We are 20 percent of the gross income of this Chinese restaurant for over 30 years. We mostly ate fried rice. Many times I asked for extra spicy fried rice. However, the Chinese restaurant told me they ran out of red peppers or sometimes just forgot to add peppers and gave me nothing but excuses. One day, I seen one of the restaurant employees get locked in the bathroom coupled with other mistreatment to its employees.

Eventually, because of the bad service, and how the restaurant treats its employees, I said either you give me my extra spicy fried rice and treat your employees like human beings, or I (and my family and friends) am going to the vietnamese, thai, or Indian restaurant on the next block. Those other restaurants also sell Chinese fried rice and Asian food.

However, The Chinese restaurant had the audacity to get upset and said it will get even with me!

(Chinese restaurant is China. US is me)
erica glass
Somebody please brief this man and let him know we OWE China 💁🏾‍♀️
Camerons Car Reviews
The American Dream of owning a typical suburbia McMansion ran it’s course 50 years and died in the 90’s and early 2000’s. The 90’s was the last true great decade for America with a REAL good economy and not a phony one with 45k a year salaried jobs requiring only a high school diploma. We we’re also in a surplus and not a deficit and we’re number one in exports still. Ever since the 2000’s and 9/11 hit America has never been the same. You could still get a $175,000 dollar 4 Bed 3 Bath house in California in 1996. Today in 2019 it would cost you nearly 500,000$. When housing went up in the mid 2000’s that’s when American Dream started to look like a nightmare.
Robert Shields
Funny becauxe we all know how clueless Trump is. He reads nothing and understands less but Fox News may have told him.
Steve Harcar
Finally, a president that fights for us
Liberty GiveMe
Looking at ALOT of these comments, looks as if the 'YouTube "TROLLS" are ALIVE AND WELL!!!!
Liberty GiveMe
I just LOVE him sooooooo MUCH!!!!
Trump is playing a 'silly' game with China by asking China to give in to impossible and unreasonable demands. Forced intellectual property transfers is the main excuse for the high tariffs he imposed on bulk of Chinese goods, which  have nothing to do with the transfers. Instead of narrowing down the goods that have caused such concerns and discussed in a civilized manner, he has chosen to drag these discussions over one year and constantly threatening China with across the board tariffs, and now he called it 'a   little squabble with China'. Net result: he is inflicting more pain on his own ppl and companies ,not to mention farmers who   have high volume of produce to export to China. The latter have become very angry and disenchanted with his 'promises'. His main attitude is that he has every right to dictate terms to the (second) biggest economy in the world because of 'forced intellectual property transfers, etc' and get general acceptance, accompanied by regular stock volatilities  and unpresidential daily tweets. He has also voiced his concerns for US companies in China and advise them to relocate else  where. Are we to assume that US companies have no idea why they are still in China, and a President who have gone bankrupt several times in property ventures know best how to advise manufacturers etc what best to do ?
Best Tongkat Ali
We take in $0 from tariffs. We PAY the tariffs on everything we buy.
Shannon kay Barnes
I am American made Yes ..and I stand beside my commander and chief Donald jTrump built Strong walking Tall Stand Strong " God" Got this world in his hands and thy Universe and our father in the secret place upon God inhabitants and till the End World and heaven and my Energy Positive most highest guide you The prayer of Daniel we are not weak we are Strong !I and together we will make America great again... Donald J Trump 2020 *Shan Fayetteville Tennessee USA PS China has been trying to poison us century cheap-made China ...
David Wee
So now US AND China will be heading head-on to the world war III.
Stay your ground POTUS China has far to long taken advantage of America.
The SHAME of the Nation -- maybe the US better invest in some education...FAST. Americans bought his Celebrity Game Show act for real. They love his Archie Bunker shtick that much, let him rule as emperor and sell the US out To Putin, lining his pockets along the way. BUT THEN, the Republicans have been the Party of CORRUPTION & CRIMINALITY for a half century. The GOP will swallow anything from their leaders. How about that TAX CUT -- 85% for the TOP 1%. And no dip in his support amongst Republicans, totally divorced from their own self-interest. It's amazing anyone votes them, anywhere, ever...
Gateway China
The thing is China has changed its strategy 10 years ago. Those companies can go to other countries, they already leave China. Those are low-value industries. Those cannot leave China are targeted this time which have to pay by American consumers.
Fernando Vazquez
Just guess who gona pay those tariffs believeme when trump say we have a very strong and powerful economi is aftet he check is bank account balance
E Cheung
Putin's orders to Trump:
Destroy all three branches of the US government.
Ruin the economy of the USA.
Start unnecessary wars in the Middle East.
Jail political opponents without legitimate reasons.
Install yourself as president for life.
Man Called Smithy
wow .... sounds like a pretense to a holy war
Elizabeth Repin
Christian? Jesus is involved?
Terrance Upham
China will come to terms Trump on point he knows China has put think tanks on this trade deal to get around it. 25% tariffs now so that give approx 3 weeks before full effects an China's leadership is considering every issue plus fearing change resting new ways fearing failure. Truth is honest face facts approach an hardwork will make way for economic growth an prosperity to enjoy with America.
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Trump Lies About His Trade Trump says U.S. in "strong 1 day ago   11:10

Seth takes a closer look at the president ratcheting up his trade war with China and lying about what it means for American companies and consumers.
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Trump Lies About His Trade War with China: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

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