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Inception - Time
Logic - Inception

Tony Robbins
Les Brown
Eric Thomas

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Syed Zaada
Somebody can tell me, the movie names? in this motivational video Please !
Paige Goldsmith
Amen let’s fight. I needed this!!
Leanne-Rose Todd
I want to start my life over and finally feel like I’m somebody
George Margetis
See you in 1 year future self.
Tina Belcher
I'm not going to lie LIFE IS PURE SHIT, you can either make the choice to end it or finish it, it's about doing what you want while you're alive, cause either way we're all going to die.
All you had to do was follow the Goddamn video, CJ.
Baruna Artha Sanjaya
Wow, this rap music video is pretty good
John L
My dream is simple. I wanna live in a van, rv or bus and spend most of my time in southern California, NYC and Florida. My goal is to do this by the time I reach age 21. I just turned 19 a month ago. I have a lot to do before I can accomplish this goal.
Atii naaf Ram
Olamide Pearl
Got goose bumps watching this,seriously got a lot on my mind which are unnecessary but watching these makes me stronger than I was and motivated
I’m writing this to remind myself I’m changing and I will be successful and so will you
Rolando Leyva
Where can I find the wright brothers speech of gravity?
Tristan Games
The Growth mindset is so incredible. It's changing my life as I speak. I want to improve, my school life, my fitness, my social life, my hobbies. I want to become some sort of online creator, just gotta focus on everything else right now.
Řõhìt Ŕøhìt
Thank you ☺
سبليمنال الملاك الابيض
اشتركو في قناتي ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jaster Plays
I will come back here, and say i did it.
Wayne Stafford
There shit wrong with my life fuck you
Disha R Swami
I'm 32, with two son,I'm preparing for govt job,again and again but deep down I want my business ,don't know where's from it will start, although I'm not trying yet,I thought about its without money how can it's possible to make in reality,not working, yet preparing ,kids growing and growing, feels stuck everywhere but I know I will be success not today but I'm doing it everyday and one day I will do it 😎 thank fearless soul 😘
king 7
For every likes I will do push-ups
Everday i just want to do great things but thats something in my mind that's saying your a nobody your good for nothing but I try my hardest to archive things but sometimes it does not go my way so I think is it worth it to suffer like this should I not give?
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