NFL Week 14: Eagles vs. Cowboys preview, Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 14 Highlights 5 months ago   43:47

The Eagles' playoff hopes might hinge on Sunday's game against the Dallas Cowboys. A certain Eagles defensive player took that as an opportunity to talk trash about the team's bitter rival. Zack Rosenblatt and Mike Kaye break down his comments, preview the matchup and make their predictions.

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I need you to send me $1 for every "like" you two 14 year old girls throw out in your discussion. I need to fund my retirement account. My ears are still bleeding!
Chris Stack
cowboys win ,them boys are young and hungry your facing a defense that's even better than when you faced them last im not writing the eagles off they always play us tough they have the means to beat us and I don't think this is a easy win but this team has hit a gear that's ready to roll and is playing really well dak was rough the first 5 or 6 games but hes playing lights out I think his completion rating is 71 percent and is qbr is fair higher he has a fumble problem right now and I do think that's very very bad but all in all I think zeke eats and dak makes plays when he needs to and the defense does what it was built to do my prediction is eagles 10 dallas 20 , and to top it off eagles are running there mouth from a no body the team is not gonna say anything back but that was the fire they needed to carry the emotions to the next game best of luck to the eagles fans go cowboys!!!!
Andi RV
Jim Swartz is the better defensive coordinator than Rod Marinelli and Kris Richard?? Brandin Brooks the best right guard in the NFL?? Jesus Christ! Talk about Super Homers! Cowboys Defensive Assistants are better than the Eagles and Scott Linehan with all his faults is better than whoever the Eagles offensive coordinator is. The Cowboys are 5-1 at home and 2-4 on the road so your point of Jerry World not being a home field advantage is retarded. All I heard from this New Jersey clowns was a lot of IF THIS HAPPENS, MAYBE THIS WILL BE THE TIME, etc. Clearly shows their real confidence in this game, NOT!!!
Andi RV
Dak has been playing lights out the last 6 games, 71% completion rate, 255 yards per game, 7 touchdowns and 1 interception, 7.39 yards per completion. Carson Wentz also needs support around him, I saw the game against the Redskins and saw him overthrow the receivers at least three times. Also, Dak Prescott had a bad game? Wtf are you guys smoking?? 24 out of 28, 248 yards, 1 td and 0 ints? He did fumble the ball but he was getting harassed left and right. Make no mistake about it, Dak Prescott is a winner, 29 victories as a starter against 15 losses, that is the most victories for a starting quarterback in the NFL since 2016, behind only the GOA Tom Brady. Much better than the OVERRATED Carson Wentz. The Eagles have chance this Sunday but a small chance, the Cowboys are peaking at the right time. Cowboys 24 Eagles 17.
Taonoi Klairak
Eagles need to stop #21 if you want to win the game.
Lyndon Brown
I feel better about this game but , but I dnt feel the eagles will create a turnover on defense which they will need
Lyndon Brown
The offense needs to have the best game so far then carrying it over to the rams game if we win
Rodney Lattany
If Doug and company have any ambitions to win this cowboys game they need to make Carson wentz elusive in the pocket roll him right and left have mis direction pass play's throwing back to the quarterback then a deep pass downfield. Carson is the wizard so game plan trick play's. No longer a stationary target he can become lethal.
Eagles Truth
Dak is NOT Foles. That was a dumb comment. Foles didnt have a defense in the SB and made good throws in the SB. Foles is streaky but can light it up when nothing big is around him. Prescot needs peices around him.

Just a very poor statement from the guy who likes to hear himself talk on these podcasts.
I hate when they talk about the Zach ertz stats, 60 of those yards were at the end of the game lol garbage time
The cowboys at home are as good anyone, cowboys will win easy
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Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 14 Highlights NFL Week 14: Eagles vs. Cowboys preview, 5 months ago   14:07

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys during Week 14 of the 2018 NFL season.

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