Pro LITERALLY Dragged me to Victory Royale! SCORECARD Board Game *NEW* 6 days ago   12:29

This is a new level of carry.

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Jackson Bland
Y do you still play fortnite when it’s dead and even you said it’s dead play a good game like apex legands
Ninjo Player
I think he ment to say at the start was Jurassic world
Owen Shipley
I swear if he didnt give that 50 pot to fresh
puppylover 82
why does the skin's mouth move when they talk
Antonio Di Santo
What if ya boy fresh launchpaded while you were attached
Daniel Batten
Only of notification squad will realise that this was uploaded twice
WolfBoy X
Use code Lanzar
Got Dubs
ONLY played 4 months, only streamed for 1
-43-4 in 1v1s against streamers
-Top 30 Share the love finalist
-Top50 Gauntlet finalist
-Live everyday 6+ Hours
-Video highlight content posted weekly
LOOKING for dedicated mods to help grow my channel!
I will be flying to World Cup (Even if I don't qualify, but I will)
Help a fellow gamer reach his dream it only takes one sub!
Baller is a mix of
Jurassic world
Devlin Munro
You are lit Muslk
Isn’t that lazarbeam’s thing?
Riannon Kristy
I thought fresh was lazerbeams pet
Unknown Shad0wz
True that
This is the best video yet😂
But Smith
Hammon,just Hammon
Antony saleep
Fresh did this with lannan
Captain Creeper Gaming
Muselk is a sell out because he copied Lazar Beam
How 2 Futbol - Teen Freestylers
4:16 so trying that
Daniel Animations
What drugs am i on
Eliana Ledezma
Could you tell fresh to add me my name is chito69charger
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SCORECARD Board Game *NEW* Pro LITERALLY Dragged me to Victory Royale! 6 days ago   12:24