Pro LITERALLY Dragged me to Victory Royale! SCORECARD Board Game *NEW* 2 months ago   12:29

This is a new level of carry.

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Ohyeah Soldier
That end game was absolutely fantastic
Gianna Smith
im dying😂😂😂😂
Esther de Guzman
Do the consumable only challenge
I have a challenge, don’t destroy the balls challenge
You have 3 balls (preferably cray, fresh, and lannan) attached to you and if all 3 get shot down, you lose.
Try to get a win, no matter how many kills you have and still have at least one ball still standing.
Every time a ball gets destroyed you have to drop half all your mats.
The players you are attached to cannot fight, they can only heal.
If you are near a ball, and one gets destroyed, the player can get in the ball and then said player will come back into the game.
The real challenge is to get 10 kills without getting all your balls ruined.
if you can’t, don’t beat yourself up!
And that’s it, i hope you like the idea.
Grant Weigel
since when did muselk start using ariel assault trooper
lannan is better
1:15 Ahh, this is *BALLCRAP* man!
1:38 we get it
The banana in the thumbnail 😂😂😂😂
Alex Flores
Does Muselk Mean “Jurassic World” or Jurassic park
Ava Rae
Ah ah ha ah ah a a I know Elliot 😂😂
SharwinJohn // Games & More
U think this is a regular comment ......

OmgItsPokeNoob 22
10:23 he predicted the dance before it was out
matthew coleman
Muselk has the ariel assult trooper
I-29 Sports Review
Go subscribe to XxThinkble DirectorxX
anyone watching in 3087? like if you are
Dexter Moscarello
raveybaby Sunshine and glitter
I ended up staying in a ball all game and getting my first solo win and the last kill streight up msged me after " I let you have the win because I could tell you weren't very good your wellcome" LMAO
Cheese Buger210
Muselk i have words Got'em
Great Lakes Magic —- Spells and Subliminals
Spider ball, spider ball, does whatever a spider ball does!
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SCORECARD Board Game *NEW* Pro LITERALLY Dragged me to Victory Royale! 2 months ago   12:24