How does our science help to manage Lionfish Airplane; Pensacola Florida, 5 months ago   05:50

Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Happy National Science Week! How does our science help to manage the Great Barrier Reef? Fred Nucifora sat down with our Chief Scientist Dr David Wachenfeld and Australian Institute of Marine Science Program Director Dr Britta Schaffelke to explain.

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Lionfish Airplane; Pensacola Florida, How does our science help to manage 5 months ago   04:22

October 11, 2014
While diving with Coast Watch Alliance in the last Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition derby in Pensacola, FL we came across a reef that had a high density of lionfish present. We determined that this site was in fact an upside down sunken Airplane. In the northern Gulf of Mexico we see some of the highest densities of lionfish reported. Due to lack of air and bottom time we needed to return on a different day. our combined total was more than 200 lionfish and there were still a number of lionfish that could not be reached and will need to removed on the next visit.

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