The sensation of sight (car scene) Sensation of Sight with Ian Somerhalder 2 months ago   02:57

The sensation of sight, 2006.
D.: A. Wiederspahn
A.: Ian Somerhalder, Daniel Gillies, Joe Mazzello.

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°•iconic°•°wench •°
I came here for Joe Mazzello and all he does is lay down on the hood of the car and touch Ian Somerhalder's shoulder.
*this some quality content*
flr05 g
oh look - elijah and damon xD
bahia zaphire
Ian Somerhalder and Daniel gillies!!! upss Somerhalder is an AMAZING actor!
It's Yara
Ian Somerhalder and Daniel Gillies!! This is so good...I laughed really hard lol. Ian has skills damn. And Danielle is so funny. But I wanna see the whole movie it looks good. Just can't find it. Anyhelp??
The two hot and sexys in a scene
Mystic GG
Hell Yeah...fuck..Hell YEAAAAAAHHHH! )))))))))) Can't stop laughing!
Elijah is that you?
I love Daniel Gillies!
damon and elijah my favorite characters on TVD !!
Annie Chako
They are sooooooooooo talanted
Josefa Garcia
People! It's not Damon and Elijah! And NO Stefan is NOT dead -.- awesome scene tho
Maeghen DiSalvo
Omg! Ian and Daniel worked together before TVD! Ahaha Daniel was so funny. Omg! Look how young ian looked
Maria Głowacka
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! and dogs started barking :D
Emma Davies
Daniel Gillies and Ian Somerhalder!
Damon and Elijah moment!
Anybody notice the random hand at 2:27 :)
stefan died? :O
LOL, this is hilarious. "Come on, come, come on..."
Alice Nilsson
It's like a sad Damon and high Elijah... I LOVE IT, DUUUUDE!!

I laughed so much harder than I should have.
ariel galarza
when he screams im just thinking WOW this dude has skills
me da mucha risa cuando en otra escena de la pelicula le pregunta que si es gay ja ja ja !!! No puedo comentar mas por que realmente nose mucho ingles :P
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Sensation of Sight with Ian Somerhalder The sensation of sight (car scene) 2 months ago   03:25

Ян заигрывает с дитём.
Sensation of Sight with Ian Somerhalder / Ощущение видения с Яном Сомерхолдером и