How to Vote in New Jersey in 2018 How to vote: machines you’ll likely 6 months ago   02:55

How to Vote in Every State
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Is the sample ballot link broken or is it just too early? It brought me to ‘local county election officials’
What if we're overseas?
This sample ballot literally does not exist I just want to know who my options are so I can research them why does NJ make it so difficult to navigate their website asdfghjkl
AJ Vicente
Love all your videos, but you got one key piece of information wrong. NJ DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY FORM OF ID TO VOTE. This is critically important to stress. There are no voter ID laws in the state of NJ. Also convicted criminals are allowed to vote as well. Please, PLEASE make this a point to revise this. Again, love everything you do!
Brimolten s
If my 18th birthday is October 16 can I mail in a voter registration on that day?
Harsh Patel
We have automatically registration don't we?
Miguel Rosa
Suggestion: Do this for mail-in ballots... Apparently each state has differing things... from the multiple envelopes all requiring various different things to be filled out to the ballots.
Eliran Sobel
1 Mistake: You said DMV. New Jersey has MVCs (Motor Vehicle Comission), not DMVs.
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How to vote: machines you’ll likely How to Vote in New Jersey in 2018 6 months ago   01:44

’MURICA — On election day in the U.S., voters will go to their local voting stations. Depending on where they’re voting, there are different ways to cast a vote.

With Optical Scan Paper Ballot systems, on their voting card, voters will fill in the ovals or boxes indicating their choices. Once the ballot is filled out, the voter will then submit the voting card into a ballot scanner, where the votes will be counted electronically.

Voters using Direct Recording Electronic systems will simply select their choices on the touchscreen. The machine then stores the voter’s choices, to be automatically tabulated later.

With Ballot Marking Devices, voters insert their voting cards into the machine, where they will then make their selections using the touchscreen keypads. Once the selections have been made, the voter will print out their voting card, and then enter it into a scanning machine to complete the vote.

The Punch Card Voting system utilizes a paper card and a small clipboard with a voting booklet. The method involves entering the card into the card holder, and then using the punch pin to make the desired selections on each page of the booklet. When completed, the voter then drops their card into the ballot box.

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