How To Think Positively? | Tamil Motivational A Simple Question To Stop Negative 4 months ago   18:40

Lavanya Jayakumar - Career Coach
Positive Thinking is essential to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life. Unless you overcome negative thoughts, you will not attain your full potential and realize how far you can go with your personal and professional life.

Inorder to think positive thoughts, you need to follow certain strategies. In this video, I share 5 proven steps that helped me create positive thoughts through creating the right environment.

If you are looking to improve your positive thinking or need to overcome your negative thinking habits or become vibrant with positive energy, watch this video and learn the exact strategies that worked for me.

This video is in Tamil. If you are looking for English motivational videos, please check out my English video playlist. In this video I am giving out my positive thinking secrets in Tamil language so my fellow Tamil speakers can watch and benefit.

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Lavanya Jayakumar - Career Coach
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Pra Deep
affirmation = urudhimozhi
Kesavan Moorthy
Really nice sister , thank you , keep continue this .....
Jack Jeni
2days before than subscriber panninen but fulla unga videos mattum than paakuren super thankyou
Jack Jeni
Sister unga age kum speech kum samandhame illa chance hey illa super unga parents dhan unagalakku first teacher la yenna solradha thu therila bayangara positive ah iruku unga speech thankyou very much
Vinayaga v
Divya P
Hi mam, Affirmation Tamil meaning , oath all so correct.
super ... sister
Ramadurai Gopalan
Extremely good like to have her email Id to get more clarifications thru you tube . my name is Ramadurai( 9443551760)
john basa
I loved your talk, it's helpful
Manonmani Nagappan
Very useful information... thanks.
திருவரசன் TN
Lavanya u r speech/content/exposing/look very attractive.🙂
All the best for all of u r efforts.
Can this video help to stop thinking negatively in relationship ???
Sangeetha Loganathan
I m married.. I thought I can't achieve anything...but I don't know how to say..ur speech makes me to think positively.. Really Thank u
Priya Dharshini
Thank you friend
Priya Dharshini
Soldrathuku varthaiye ila mam,enakagave pesureenga thank you so much sister I like u sister
Baby shajahan
Sathish Kannappan
Thank you mam
linga samy010
Good thanks akka
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A Simple Question To Stop Negative How To Think Positively? | Tamil Motivational 4 months ago   05:39

Learn how to overcome your negative thinking habit using a simple question I use to keep myself optimistic.

To look at the bright side of life, to hustle hard for your dreams, you need to stop thinking negatively and develop your positive thinking muscle. In this quick video I answer a question about how to overcome negative thinking and become a positive person.

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