Concealed Carry Holders In Detroit POLICE Warn Enter DETROIT 1 day ago   01:49

Feb. 8th

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Good kill them fucking teens.
Jammy Dodger
Nothing wrong with defending themselves, next time two in the chest and one in the head.
2nd amendment, not trend.
Sikes Pico
Get rid of black people - then ill get rid of my gun!
Fockthe naggers
These killings are justified and have to take place to put some fear in the criminals. You have to take care of yourself in detroit. If there is a shooting/murder..dont expect to see the cops for a hour or so because they will make sure the threat is gone before they show up. If its a robbery/theft/ wont see them until the next day..maybe!
Don Conrad
As far as the Bible is concerned, the use of guns is a matter of personal conviction. There is nothing unspiritual about owning a gun or knowing how to use one. There is nothing wrong with protecting oneself or loved ones, even if it involves the use of weapons. We need not pretend there is never a need for guns, but pointing a gun at a person should always be a last resort. We should seek to neutralize threats without violence whenever possible.

Don Conrad
The Bible records many accounts of wars, battles, and the use of weapons. Warfare is presented as an inevitable part of living in a fallen world (Mark 13:7; James 4:1), and weaponry is a necessary part of warfare. Carrying a weapon for self-defense is never condemned in the Bible. In fact, it was mentioned in a positive light by Jesus Himself on one occasion (Luke 22:35-38).

Hell yeh
steven richards
To quote the bible,"Those who live by the sword ,shall die by the sword " amen!
D Altom Maxwell
That is pure street justice...If Detroit's citizens want their city back, kill the thugs. If the thugs immediately threaten you by ANY assault, shoot them in the face. They don't deserve an open-casket.

Leave them where they fall.
Urban Deployment
when did protecting yourself become a "trend?" Fuck, I real do hate liberals
Street justice?...defending yourself is not street justice
I wonder if that reporter or his camera person was packing? I bet someone on that news team has a CCP but maybe not that would be an alarming trend.
William Fowler
Shoot to kill people. Don't let these low lifes of the earth ruin it for the rest of us. Shoot to kill the motherfuckers...
"an alarming trend" Who's side is this Motherfucker on!
Toni Anthony
Great! Send Their A** Right on Home!
Trever Miciewicz
Mojomonkey11# agreed nothing wrong with what he did
I like how the newscaster notes that people defending themselves is the "alarming" trend, but the armed robbery is just business as usual.
starf gwarf
is an alarmingly good trend.
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