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The Dynamic Graph (Data Visualization) Shows the Top 10 Countries with Most GDP from 2018 to 2100. The Projected GDP Ranking includes countries such as United States, China, India, Japan, France, etc. It also shows how Asia will dominate the economy while Europe starts to fall slowly.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced in a period of time, often annually or quarterly. Nominal GDP estimates are commonly used to determine the economic performance of a whole country or region, and to make international comparisons.


Historical Top 10 Country GDP Ranking (Part 1): https://ai-tube.com/videoai/jlxnQtKbnwp

Data Taken from: https://pardee.du.edu/

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Guys, just to clarify the source of the video. The data and projection mathematical model is taken from https://pardee.du.edu, which is a part of University of Denver in USA. It used datasets from past to 2016, so the data starting from 2016 are all projected, which might be off to some degree. But guys, this isn't intended to be exact projection since the future is unpredictable to say the least (we could all be dead if WWIII happens). It just shows a trend where each country will most likely be after 100 years!
Iqmal Pasha
Well, it looks like asia countries Will take a lead
Sekogas Iskren
France and UK will surpass Germany, not a chance. What are the presumptions for this?
mibom Mgk
This China is really crazy always no 1
Pradum Vishwakarma
If jihadi Pakistan don't Nuke us
Afroz Ayaan
OMG america Is Beaten By India 😯😯
lokesh yadav
. they will also come into the race
America will not allow to india and china become first...he create a fight between them.
America will not allow to india and china become first...he create a fight between them.
Zhong Lin
2100 based on population
why do The United States and Germany suddently suck so much like what made them be that static?
It is hard to believe the western countries are still strong in 2010. The rising of Asia is not easy as expected.
Meryem Mansoor
Nice joke
Russia Germany UK sb neeche India top pr ajaega 😂
Mahatma Ghandhi
*India* ❤
I m proud of you people
I will share this video to Nehru he will be happy for sure
Work hard people Make your Nation proud
Respect Elders & Women
Show love towards Children
Stay competitive with your Colleagues
I want to see East Pakistan & West Pakistan to in this list they are our Brothers
Andrei Comelo
whos 2500 years here
Saurav Das
This will happen only if the planet survives,leaders all over just talk over climate change and carbon emissions but nothing is happening
Mirza Farhan
World War 3 breaks out without nuclear weapons.. 2 billion people dies and the World Economy collapses hence all the calculations will be proven wrong..(btw it's a joke)
Principe Des Calumet
Um this must be an Asian channel because the information is very inaccurate. Phillippines? Really with what, how? Stolen beauty pageant crowns. Over Mexico and Brazil?
sunil dioxide
Isko dekh ke Pakistan ka heart attack hoga
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Why are SMALL countries RICHER? - VisualPolitik Future Top 10 Country Projected GDP Ranking 7 months ago   11:11

We live in a world that is gaining more and more countries, so obviously, these are becoming smaller.
Since 1950 our world has gone from having, about 60 countries to almost 200.
So, this may lead to a few questions. Is this good or bad? Are small countries viable? We will see the answers to these questions in this video.

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