CGTN Observes: Is China luring How Africa is Becoming China's China 1 day ago   04:04

CGTN Africa
China’s engagement with Africa isn’t new.

The historical, political, economic, military, social and cultural connections between China and the African continent can be traced back to the 14th Century.

But recently, there seems to be a rise of criticism of Chinese relations with Africa, viewed from the prism of stereotype and willful twisting of facts.

So, at the end of the day, is Chinese involvement on the continent good or bad for Africa?

CGTN’s Beatrice Marshall, from Nairobi, observes.

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Paul Baskerville
start small control debt grow gradually u don't lose a port that way . a gift horse that has a string attached it all ways goes home to china or ware ever the string leads .
Kimayah Lawrence
Well if the Chinese government's state YouTube channel says so...then it must be true!
Chris Pitre
All you have to do is look on how Pakistan has become China's lapdog. Pakistan was hooked in to China's so called ''win - win'' agreements. Chinese companies rolled in, bringing in Chinese workers. Native Pakistanis have mostly remained unemployed in these projects (Sounds familiar ah? Especially to any Africans reading this). Now the Pakistani government is cash strapped due to the fact that all these projects have been financed by Chinese loans, in which the Chinese government has now been forcing Islamabad to pay up. The Chinese government has further been leveraging the country do to its corrupt relations with the all powerful PAF (Pakistan Armed Forces) who have immense political power. The fact is that Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative is designed to create China into the worlds most entrenched and powerful economic superpower; to make those engaged in the project completely dependent to her. What the Chinese are trying to do is to replicate the United State of America but this time on a much more grander and ambitious scale. This whole project in the long run is for China, and no one else. Pakistan has proved this, she has mostly become another Chinese province. Mark my words, Africa is going from one colonial system to another, Europeans will be switched to Chinese. Africa will be placed alongside Pakistan, independence an illusion.
Niki Bronson
Anyone that starts to blame everything on the west really needs to read a history book and also need to Define who the West is because there's a lot of people in the west a lot of different countries a lot of different cultures the people just say that and then don't actually know what they're talking about. It's just rehashed propaganda
John Nugent
The Communist Party of China has been grappling with corruption almost from its birth. Corruption was one of the major issues during the 1989 anti-government demonstrations. The leadership, in fact, responded to public anger over corruption and what was then known as “official profiteering” by launching a major campaign, in the course of which the number of individuals charged with corruption jumped from 33,000 in 1988 to 77,000 in 1989, and 72,000 in 1990. Since the 1989 campaign, the leadership has waged an ongoing “war” against corruption and routinely prosecutes substantial numbers of officials. Between 1997 and 2012 the Supreme People’s Procuratorate reported that it indicted 550,000 individuals on either corruption or dereliction of duty charges, including three members of the powerful Politburo (Chen Xitong in 1997, Chen Liangyu in 2006, and Bo Xilai in 2012). It goes all the way up to Emperor XI!

When Chinese President Xi Jinping visited Tanzania in March 2013, members of his government and business delegation bought so much ivory that local prices doubled to $700 per kilogram, the UK-based Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) said in a report, citing ivory traders in the city of Dar es Salaam.

"When the guest come, the whole delegation, that's then time when the business goes up," the EIA quoted a vendor named Suleiman as saying.

The traders alleged that the buyers took advantage of a lack of security checks for diplomatic visitors to smuggle their purchases back to China on Xi's plane.

And the “Lies and Denials” continue:

The EIA report did say that enforcement of the ban on ivory sales had slightly improved last year, with smuggling syndicates growing "more cautious", after Yu's conviction, as well as a high-profile raid.

Police found 706 ivory tusks weighing over 1.8 tonnes at a house in Dar es Salaam last November, along with three Chinese nationals who were detained at the scene after trying to pay a $50,000 bribe, the EIA said.

Meng Xianlin, a Chinese forestry administration official who oversees Beijing's commitments under CITES told AFP that the claims made in the EIA's report were "baloney".

"I have not heard of such a matter," he said, adding: "Do not hype this up." starts the “Lie and Deny” which they have had 5000 years to perfect!
John Nugent
China’s Second Century of Humiliation
The conduct of Xi Jinping and the CCP will ultimately bring China a new century of shame.

In terms of sheer numbers, Xi is the most accomplished human rights violator alive today. Xi’s CCP governs 18 percent of humankind, depriving them of freedom of speech, political rights, religious freedom, independent media, and open internet access – all of which should be fundamental components of modern society. Political indoctrination is being reinserted into Chinese curricula, and an Orwellian “social credit” system is being developed to more closely control individuals’ every behavior. Additionally, the CCP continues its efforts to wipe out the ethnic heritage of Tibetans and Uyghurs, with recent reports confirming the existence of massive internment camps in Xinjiang province.

As he turns his homeland into a dystopia, Xi is also playing the villain globally. This is seen most clearly in a series of huge lies Xi has attempted to sell the world — lies that have global consequences. These lies, and the conduct they seek to cover, will also bring shame to Xi’s leadership.
Your channel is funded by the Chinese communist party. So how can we trust you?
Teh Chuan
Africa has long been in debt by the western before China came along at least China bring development peace and trade
Donkey Kong
Even if it’s a debt it’s still good for Africa, it’s much better forced slavery trap of the west. Lol
Ken kenny
China sells people's necessities and America sells weapons ...the choice is in your hand Africa.
We all borrow money to buy a car, a house or a business and if you find someone that gives free money, please let me know as soon as possible. Thank you!
chf gbp
Lol. Better than war trap, interethnic hate trap, slave trap, genocide trap,...Jesus Christ. If all the high and mighty can accuse the chinaman of is this, then Africa must be safe.
Expectations discussed is most crucial.
jerry daniel
China is the best for Africa benefit my friend.
Baidu Mel
Thanks for your prospective view about China positive contribution to Africa, Honest views from western countries now a day are hard to come by ,ESPECIALLY some western countries that are full of Fake News.
Yes & the sellout African mis”Leaders” are more than willing to oblige them.
Everest Destination
FOOLS, China invest in poor countries not because they want to help them, they have a purpose into this, they give millions to country unable to pay back, like this they can take over a part of the land or be the owner of the port for 99 years for exemple and make money over it. They bring money but it's Chinese come to built bridges, tunnels, ports, infrastructures not Africans... AND when the Africans realise they can't pay they have to choice to let them do cuz they can't pay
Poor Africans
E. C.
Great works ,Bravo , expose those wealthy western nations' selfish phony dark side , make them Jealous . Those phony western nations had colonized and took advantage on the poor African nations for several hundreds years , to take away all the African natural resources , make use of the cheap African labor and suck the blood of the Africa until they are bone dry and give absolutely no benefits to the poor Africa .Then left the Africans to die when they no longer useful to them ,
Thats the well portrayed so-call caring wealthy western nations with USA as the leader .They are bunch of blood sucking phony western nations . Only CHINA is the real caring helpful friend to Africa . China have been helping them since 40 yrs ago even when CHINA was poor .
The west only talks but no actions when it comes to helping Africa .Now they are very jealous that CHINA have been able to help the African nations to rise .
Then, the west made up bias propaganda to diverge the Africans' attention to forget their painful colonial past ,controlled and oppressed by the western nations ,and portraying CHINA trying to colonize Africa ,when CHINA have been really helping the African nations to rise . The west have been the real blood sucker .
leemsy lazy
Africans should not buy into the narratives of the people who looted and enslaved them for more than 500 years: the West.
Filo Afue
Africa resources worth more than what China is doing if our leaders use their brains wisely.
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How Africa is Becoming China's China CGTN Observes: Is China luring 1 day ago   10:48

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