We Built The Ultimate DIY Paint Booth THESE are the RAREST Lamborghinis in the World! 2 days ago   16:45

B is for Build
In todays episode we build the ultimate at home DIY automotive paint booth! And it doubles as one sexy garage..

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Fareoh - Cloud Ten

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DrewRoycroft Beats
I build paint booths lmao Garmat and Kayco mostly.
gary nutkins
I forgot to say a good tidy job there's always something else that can be done but we are all just speculating so really spot on.
gary nutkins
What about the extraction system should of done this before you plasterboard but looks awesome for maybe should of done some flexi lighting. I look forward to seeing you spray some cars mate if you want i got a dc5 that needs doing.
Glaxaxy Electronic
IF i were him, I put a guard along the extension rails. Before things could be worst, Paint the rails to match it.
Mark Ridgway
Dry wall will sag with that spacing js
Josh M86
Id say for first time doing all of it you guys done pretty well. At least you guys tried it yourselves most people wouldn't.
Steven Boever
You will need to do some kind of box to put over your electrical panels, they are not explosion proof! You talked about being safe, just trying to help you out! And yes you cannot bury electrical cords in the wall! But looks nice!
What's with air filtration? Don't you some kind of air ventilation system in a spray booth??
Booth looks pretty badass
Bilal Ibrahim
Chris the garage looks hella fresh
Lance Egan
Where is the exhaust?
Derek Wedin
If yall play Forza Horizon 4 Ive made a livery for the Huracan!!!! My GT is Drocinit247 go check it out and download it rate it let me know what you think!
Jeffrey Walker
All that work on the walls for dust, yet you left the concrete floor untreated. Epoxy concrete paint works well.
David Williams
Nice to see Chelsea again, also impressive dry walling and gap stopping, gonna be an awesome paint booth, just don't do any sanding in the paint booth.......
Krys Smedvik
No vapour barrier!!!! I see mould and water issues in 6 months...and a demolition job......
Kyle Anderson

The garage will be...?
Painted ?
That actually looks better than I expected lol good job guys! Lookin good
Daniel Blanco
You need more lights than that
You can run an angle from the wall to the floor to make it collect less dust. better than flat sides
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THESE are the RAREST Lamborghinis in the World! We Built The Ultimate DIY Paint Booth 2 days ago   16:27

Join me at the home of Lamborghini in Italy with Asphalt 9: Legends to visit the Ad Personam studio to spec an Aventador SVJ as well as seeing the rarest and most special Lamborghini models in the world including the new Terzo Millennio and also Veneno, Sesto Elemento and Centenario.... Crazy! Play now: http://gmlft.co/shmee150

After a visit to the museum to take a look at these incredibly rare and valuable cars, we can explore further around HQ. Asphalt 9: Legends offer in the game the ability to customise your car before getting the race started so of course we have to head into Lamborghini's bespoke Ad Personam studio - home to the most exclusive and one-off creations possible on a Lamborghini model. Starting with a Huracan Performante I took to creating my dream Aventador SVJ, before they surprised me and found one on sight in the identical specification!

From there, it's a unique visit to Centro Stile - Lamborghini's design studio and the birthplace of all of their models. Here though it's a special display with the Terzo Millennio vision of the future, and a car that is actually available to drive with in the game itself.

Asphalt 9: Legends is free to download from the app stores on iOS, Android and Windows. Why not download it now to configure your dream Lamborghini and play with the Terzo Millennio: http://gmlft.co/shmee150

Thanks for watching, Tim

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