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Lyria Mapping
See the history of the Netherlands, from 2000 BC to now.
Please note that the coastline from 500BC to 1000AD is not entirely correct. Locations of tribes before 500AD are mostly estimates.
-Lyria Mapping

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Borkum is still part of Germany, didn't become Dutch after WW2.
vuile spanjolen!
Yorbe Heeren
Tis is not how it went, Im Dutch but this is just nonsens
Armando Ramon
What happened to Frisii during about 200 to 300 AD?
Why did they gave up almost all their land in Holland, Zeeland etc without any conquering it?
Numa Numa FanBase YS1
How did the dutch turn sea into land?
Numa Numa FanBase YS1
Is Dutch basically modern Frankish?
Ineens weetjehet
Over de afgelopen decennia heeft Nederland overheersing en (uit) plunderingen onder gaan. van Spanje, Frankrijk en Duitsland, en niet te vergeten de hedendaagse economische domesticatie politiek onder leiding van de VS. Momenteel ondergaat Nederland een scheppende vernietiging van liberaliserende anti culturele identiteitspolitiek veroorzaakt door de Europese Unie!
Gelukkig verandert er veel, en komt de tijd dat Nederland zijn culturele vrijheid en eigen identiteit terug wint. Laten we hier naar uitkijken!
Nexit >

Over the past decades, the Netherlands has been dominated and looted. from Spain, France and Germany, and not forgetting contemporary economic domestication policy led by the US. The Netherlands is currently undergoing the creative liberalization of cultural identity destroying from the European Union!
Fortunately, a lot is changing, and the time comes the Netherlands regain its cultural freedom and identity. Let's look forward to this! Video >
during 2k BCE and 1775 the us was being colonised
Wichal Rangai
Samuel L. Snackson
Not entirely correct.. But fair enough..
卂ᄃЦƧƧΣd ᐯЦЯЦzᐯ
Im Dutch (its the Language of the Netherlands)
Netherlands had all Indonesia
Gregor Herder, den
Dutch is German
We are Germans too.
Kjelly Lund
The Dutch did something that Caligula could not- conquer the ocean. :D
Nederland laat je horen
An Turret
Who else here is Netherlands?
Btw, Fryslân is just a province in the Netherlands now.
Alain .M
Belgium is also a kingdom
Mister Zippo
TTV justrosbief
Hutsa niffo
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The Rise and Fall of Austria or the Habsburg The history of the Netherlands, every year 1 day ago   07:41

Austria was ruled by the Habsburg dynasty from 1278/1282 to 1918. Therefore, historical Austria is also known as the Habsburg Empire or the Habsburg Monarchy. The Habsburgs made Austria a great power in 1477, when they inherited much of what is now the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. Soon afterwards they inherited many more lands by their marriage policies. During the 16th century, the Habsburgs ruled over large parts of Europe. Charles V reigned over perhaps a quarter of the European population (not to speak of his enormous American colonial empire). The centuries afterwards Austria remained a great power until World War I, when the nationalistic thoughts in Europe finally divided the old empire into many small states.

It's important to put in mind that Austria has always been a "part" of Germany until the 19th century. Indeed, the German Empire didn't exist until 1871, but the Germans (Austrians included) more or less realized they shared a similar language and culture, and the medieval Holy Roman Empire actually was for the most part a German state until it fell apart in the fatal 13th century. Since 1452, the Habsburgs were (with one short exception) the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire, which was by now virtually a very loose confederation of states. However, the position of the Holy Roman Emperor gave the Habsburgs privileges and some sort of loyalty from the German princes, although some monarchs—most notably the Prussian kings—openly contested Habsburg primacy. The Austrians were finally abandoned outside the German Empire in 1871.

Johann Strauss II - An der schönen blauen Donau (English title: The Blue Danube), composed in 1866.