US economy sees 3.5 percent growth Hedge Fund Legend Ray Dalio 3 months ago   07:07

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Wall Street Journal Global Economics Editor Jon Hilsenrath on the third-quarter GDP.

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sharfss s
must watch U S Economy:
Alexia Rai
Anyone realize that the economy is actually slowing down? It was 4.1% in the 2nd quarter, now it's down to 3.5???
Life's truths
The economy is being falsely shown and the market is being bolstered by fake buys. The GDP is said to be fine but borrowed money at interest is counted in the GDP. Truth is , near half of eligible workers are out of work, the majority are not counted in the unemployment rate because they are no longer getting benefits and have dropped from active searching because there are no jobs. The only right way to get out from the collapsing economy is to dump the federal reserve and proclaim the nations debt an Odious Debt:
avenging angel
If America is doing so well why are they 23 trillion dollars in debt and G m is sacking 14,000 workers and their stock exchange has lost 38 trillion dollars in shares in the last 5 weeks ? ? Someone is lying about how well they are doing ! !
Animated Anatomy
Q1 2 % Q2 4.2% Q 3.5 % and Q4 3% Average= 3.1 % Next year prices increase = 25%
Fishan Hadi
India's 12 trillion dollars Real GDP is growing with around 11+%.
China's 27 trillion dollars Real GDP is growing with 9+%
USA's 19 trillion dollars Real GDP is growing with 3.5%.
This is reality which is not told by the brainwashed American's government.
Ronny C
You USA want to fool the world . Your GDP growth is based on gross overspending funded by astronomical national debt ! USA spend huge money to repair recent hurrican damage which is unconstructive . Your export is going down and you don't have tourism . USA is hated by many many Chinese now and a massive global boycot of USA product , culture is happening . How long can you sustain growth !!
Lonnie Richman
TRUMP getting this economy going full speed. God bless America!
Sommyarup Roy
Doesn't matter as long as deficit keeps piling
Xin Wang
Hi Americans, hello from China. China gdp was down on 3q, so did USA! Yours was dowb more than China. What are you celebrating? Enlighten me. :)
Var r
Borrowing money and pumping into economy. Deficit is proportional to growth lol.
Government debt increased by 200 billion compared to last year. Which is 1% of economy.
The "extra" growth is actually the debt pumped into economy. Not a sustainable growth.
Shwan Hasan
all this so called economic growth is driven by an asset price bubble and deficit spending primarily due to medical costs and the military. this will do nothing for the economy, unless trend potential of output increases, all this growth will lead to a crowding out of exports in the us economy, hurting the people that voted trump
Kushal Kumar
This Vedic astrology writer had occasion to read news report - “ US economic growth slows to 3.5 percent in third quarter” - published on 26 October , 2018 in the Economic Times at New Delhi. Among several aspects touched in the news report , it has also been mentioned :-
“ Robust growth continued in the third quarter but a slower pace as economy faced mounting headwinds from trade , the Commerce Department reported Friday ( 26 October , 2018 )”.
“ GDP grew at an annual rate of 3.5 percent for the July- September period , compared to 4.2 percent in the prior quarter , overshooting analyst expectations , according to the Govt’s preliminary estimates”.
The sum and substance of the news report can be brought out here like this. The GDP in US economy has maintained at annual rate of 3.5 percent during third quarter covering July – September of the present year 2018 but the same is slower than 4.2 percent for the prior quarter in 2018. The slow pace in comparison is being explained obviously due to trade war of the US with some global economies of the world. On the other hand , according to reports published in some newspapers recently on 19 October 2018 , China’s economy has taken a hit ; growth being lowest since 2009. So in the light of these details , it can be said that US economic growth during July -September 2018 has been robust but has slowed the pace gained prior in 2018, obviously due to trade war which is natural in the given circumstances. Rather , it needs to be commended that even when there is a sort of trade war , the robust nature of economy has remained unaffected. And for this credit must be given to US President Donald Trump.
The aforesaid scenario of US economy during third quarter covering July- September , 2018 may be found precisely implied in the alerts of this Vedic astrology writer , as early as last year on 11 October , 2017 , through hitherto well-known article - “Astrological probable alerts for the United States in 2018” - published in monthly Webzine of Wisdom Magazine from the US at on 1 December , 2017. The text related to the point reads like this in the said article :-
“ (4). July- August 2018. …………………………………….Economy looks to be not moving forward while there could be need to guard against the slow down during these months”.
“ (5). September to December 2018. While there looks to be some respite from the stresses and strains described herebefore for July-August 2018 , the painful aspect of the year 2018 appears to be that once certain issues or problems arise , these donot disappear sooner , easily or completely , taking somewhat longer time to go stock and barrel or be sluggish in pace while bowing out”.
So in the light of what has been predicted for September- December 2018 , it can be said that planetary impacts in relation to aspects covered for July-August , were to be read as enlarged to September 2018 also. The facts disclose that growth pace of economy in July -September 2018 was a little short of the prior pace of 4.2 percent , without disturbing the robust nature of the growth pace , suggesting accuracy and meaningfulness of the 11 October 2017 alert of this writer.
Santa Claus
As soon as the tax cut for big-business and the rich wears off, the resulting federal deficit becomes clear, and interest rates climb even more, this whole house of cards will come crashing down. This was just a clever way to try to keep the GOP in power. The GOP is running out of tricks. They will try to grab for all that they can get before they go down in flames. They do this every time they hold the majority. Just look at history.
just so 1
So much botox she cant even talk 😂😂😂😂
What is happening to the national debt? Has it slowed ? Is it dropping?
plus theirs no jobs created like there falsely saying they are talking about walmart , lowes and stuff like that those stores are always looking for people
economy has been booming for about 4 years ...funny how these people think trump brought the economy up . They go by what they say and not read the true facts look it up use your brain for once
Rose Phoenix
More money was spent more money will be risk about money that I how much is going to be wasted I don't know what's going on with different business and thanks for this tree War now America is going to be the economy going slow down why he America I mean I don't get it😕😕

and one more thing openness should it be responsibilities working together not a competition this is why what happens once come up 👍once come down👎
Rose Phoenix
I know that a few other smaller companies and Bay Company want to multiply or expand to share of one company of one business and multiply of Five for 10 or even 20 companies but had to be smaller one and then after that it could be successful of medium big and large but however like Fox news said it is the money they need it that's the problem to grow a comedy but however some people going to get a risk some people says it is good success forever but this is the choice two small business from the past successful business into the present and then of a figure company a business for the future

and PS everyone has to be responsibility on the stand for listen carefully and how the risk is going to be for smaller business to a successful business that is how you work with their people first teach them and they would get a new idea and then business will be successful in the past the present and the future any kind of business smarter Baker medium on bigger bosses business
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Hedge Fund Legend Ray Dalio US economy sees 3.5 percent growth 3 months ago   24:56

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