Can a V8 Still Compete in a Turbocharged World? Fast Off-roading - Stock & Shelby 1 day ago   14:58

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Jessy Fernandez
Ford pure trash
Steve Kovacs
The 5.0 comes with a 3.15 ratio, the 2.7 a 3.55. Unless your opt for the 3.55 on the 5.0, this ain't a fair test. Ford offers a 3.73 on either but who knows how these were equipped for this test.
Caleb Niederhofer
I really like TFL , I personally think mild economy tunes are awesome. The truck runs more efficiently, and can get better mileage depending on driver obviously. I do think these performance tunes are very misleading, dont get me wrong of course we can get this power from EB motors. Is it smart to do on a stock daily driver truck , absolutely not. I could argue this point all day , But these smaller displacement motors already put out alot of power . When you start adding quite a bit of torque, towing, heavy foot problems will occur down the rode.
Doug Dale
Surprise surprise a tuned turbo truck beat a tuned NA truck.... for NA you need to swap out parts before you're going to make A LOT more power. Exhaust, intake, and tune and they do decent. Turbo vehicles always leave a lot on the table in stock form.
So why is there no option for a turbo charged 5.0? Bet you would sell the shit outta those
Daniel Rivas
All garbages
Chevy is the best
Jacob Kleiboeker
5 star tuning lmfao
adam sheppard
So...not stock? How the hell are you going to say stock right before you talk about the five star tuning you had done? Do you have any real stock comparisons?
Whipple & Roush both make roots-style superchargers for the 5.0L....650+HP. Next level power.
We're talking low 3's...instant throttle response, flat torque curve and motor that will last.

You could tow your girlfriend's double-wide over the Rockies with her in it and all you would hear
is a deep exhaust note and the sweet whines of the blower...and hers to slow down.
Eric Swells
I really wish they weren't tuned.
Joseph Kool
This is BS the 5.0 is faster than the 2.7. Ford provided specially tuned 2.7 and 3.5 motors for this test to push their Ecoboost line of motors.
An engine over 2 Liters and a Turbo can put out 350hp+ easily, just not where the V8 will have its power.... Corvette's 6.0 V8 Ls2 has 250hp at 2500rpm... Lag free and torque all the way down just by burning the mixture... How can this be compared to a Turbo engine that needs to rev its shit out to get boost OVER 1-1.5 BAR to then output anything serious and only over 3000rpm???
NO comparison... Turbo a 5.3 V8 and you'll get 450 plus HP with a generic Turbo at 7 psi barely blowing any air....
Turbo engines are very nice and flexible but they are two different things.
crew cab vs extended cab...crew cab weight penalty. what are the rear axle ratios? are they all the same? also, power is impressive but if I'm towing, gains at higher rpm dont help me...
the Warrior
Anyone notice the fx5 on the 2.7l ?
The 2.7 shouldnt have won over the 5.0, the issue is weight, also, the 2.7 should have been crew cab like the other two trucks, so they cheated
Gross weight of each truck is?
Michael Lehto
The 3,5 had a total weight of 7000 pounds with chubby in it... 😳
wayne barber
This contest was not fair since the 2.7 liter f150 was an extended cab and the other 2 trucks were full 4 door supercrew!
Add the turbo to the 5.0, then see how the v6’s do
Yes. Its fine.
saved 14 mins
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Fast Off-roading - Stock & Shelby Can a V8 Still Compete in a Turbocharged World? 1 day ago   11:09

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