Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street Copart Walk Around + Bentley 5 months ago   21:43

Can you believe we are turning a salvaged car into something amazing? The suspense is getting real! We are one step away from the most important part of this process. Watch as we bring this thing to life within a matter of days! Be sure to like and subscribe if you want to see this beast rip!!!

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Unboxing Oldies
i click the like button again before watching it
David Souza
The background music is great ...the tune when you start painting calipers
Cliff P
Can I get your mommy’s and daddy’s job well daddy’s job.
You said in the first video that they got the engine running when you first bought the wreck
Justin Baxter
I'm just barely watching this and I am dreaming about how cool it would have been if you painted the calipers blue...
Ryan Bertoldi
Chik Fil A on a GTR...dinner of champions right there boys.
Derek Shrewsbury
I subscribed at the beginning of this build. I'm going to try building a frame and using an engine from a Mazda 3 for a similar ride. Keep up the good work ya'll. Good to see you got that flag up!
tejas p
Bro please suggest me tude diameter to build my off-road car
Funny... Looked to those calipers and it seems like I have seen them somewhere before ... oh yes Lexus IS250 ( and I guess few Toyotas)...
Mohammed Riyadh
Dan Hard
I cant believe you went with the generic cheep calipers instead of the Brembo's that was on the donor car really !!!
Jessica LaMay
ive seen a kit car beat a gtr... youtube offtheranch he has a video of it
ethan whiting
Let get these guys to 1 million subs 👍 keep up the good work guys.
Tim Jerome
A dude dude dude dude that is so sick dude dude dude dude dude dude dud
Kieran Bond
Take a shot everytime they say go ahead, you'd be wankered hahaha
Jeremy Rush
It’s a GoBalt....
drinking game Goonzsquad style : have a shot every time they say "dude" :)
Boyan Tringov
From tent to a PRO GARAGE and a lot super cars great work ...!!You need to make a brand for your car and sell it to the huge market around the world ..!
The RX7 Roadie
I’m surprised the intake piping has no bead rolled edges, I know your not running crazy boost but may be wise to get something sorted while it’s all there.
Also be careful with those mikalor clamps, they are incredibly strong and can warp pipes with ease
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Copart Walk Around + Bentley Turning A Salvaged Car Into A Street 5 months ago   36:22

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