Nas - Cops Shot The Kid (Official Video) Tenacious D Rate Danzig, Mayo 6 months ago   02:51

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Desean Casado
In the case of omar Edwards what is it called blue on blue crime or brown on blue crime one cop executing another cop rest in peace 2019
Trick SFL
Why doesent this have 1 million views?
Jae Diamondz
This beat is wack as fuck
lil kuriaq
This fake
Shawn Ramsey
People are ignorant and irrelevant , it since less brain stems that want notoriety and public esteem , trying to portray there imagine by wanting kudos
Raphial Lee
I would like to ask how many gang members shot kids compared to cops. Or how many gangs shot up businesses and regular people than cops. Better yet how many gang members destroyed a persons mind with meth and other killing drugs compared to like 5 percent of cops who usually get fired? Why dont you talk about that Nas. 5 percenter my ass if you really believe god is black than why do you support blacks killing other blacks?
anonymous shinonome
thank you nas, and thank you kanye.
Kristen Iuta
Is it a racial thing? Or is it a personal thing? Whats the leading cause? Cause if its just random people, I have people they can shoot to kill who deserve it. But is that my decision and shot to call? After certain boundaries have been crossed and the offense and disrespect has been givin the oppurtunity to be corrected or resolved but instead proven to be intentional and repeatitive, it is now self defense..
This is wack! The cop should shoot can hear it in Nassirs voice he is not there.
The hook should've been "white kids get taken alive".
Ricardo Vasquez
Nas !! Never lets me down !
Mh_johndoe Vids
This Needs More Views
Todd Mc
of course kanye's punkass aint in the video. smh
I'm Subbing Just Because Of The Good Taste #9to5killaCartel ...and liked!!!
Gerson Amado
619k views!? But bum ass Blueface and Migos getting millions of plays smfh
Makes me want to thank my local cop killer
This gon be hot on Soul train hiphop Awards show this summer
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Tenacious D Rate Danzig, Mayo Nas - Cops Shot The Kid (Official Video) 6 months ago   07:25

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