Nas - Cops Shot The Kid (Official Video) Tenacious D Rate Danzig, Mayo 3 months ago   02:51

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Jovohn Hawkins

Rest in peace. Cops shot the kid
dre day
The long version of the video is deep then. A MF
Munashe Givemore Mukwambo
rick too slick
This beat is trash such a waste of good rhymes
Kent Bey
"An artist uses his or her art to change the society in which they live" ~ Dr. John Henrike Clark
Nas rapping over Slick Rick's looped voice sound irritating
Nas ain't even killin his beats now he just eating them look how much weight he gained bruh
was produced by Andrew Dawson and Kanye West, that usually means the no name guy produced it and Kanye tweaked it
William Hickman
Been WOKE so I tell on people stalking & waiting to Harrass/Hate/Slander me Drake mentioned if he's fucked up Ima be Downtown maane which has lots of cameras in Reference of my situation so when folk see me same clothes broke asking for money with baggage THEY THINK & ASSUME THEY KNOW who's next $$$$ especially off of how decent I still remain directed from the public/society/famous Rappers off of what I'm NOT....& off organized infiltration/Crimes & organized Rape on me. STOP trying Charlotte...because of the way & when I tell. Smile or Frown the look on y'all face shows y'all Guilt & Pain when I/Police catch you they see on camera's throughout the city of How the public keep looking at me to react through there Pain or Hatred & y'all guilt. Don't approach non chalant of any urgency with your kids to glorify off of when your Obviously harrassing.....cops didn't shoot the kid(me) cops shot the Bitch. I told on these NOT slick bitches & that's BEEN harrassing/assaulting (me) so The Cops looked at us Both & shot the Bitch.
Alex Alexandrov
Brutal beat. Flow was bad tho
Jay Bee
My Dude Slick Rick & Nas tell The Best Storyteller They should Make A Album together
Pat Garrison
Ye killed this 🔥🔥🔥 his verse better than Nas I'm just saying
Jade Amaker
Damn! lyrics and graphics!
This is a mediocre version of RTJs Close Your Eyes. It's ok, but pales in comparison
Datrelle Snell
The song is simple. It has a message. doesn't have to be in depth
JoJo Cox
U here thizzzzzzz shit
flash flood99
Slick Rick is that you?!
Dani Wind
Ain't nobody said neither NAS nor Eminem is the worst or trash, so stop comparing them. Me and everybody said trash to lil pump, 69, lil shit, migos and all the species.
Greeting from Indonesia with bad grammar
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Tenacious D Rate Danzig, Mayo Nas - Cops Shot The Kid (Official Video) 3 months ago   07:25

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