Brexit: Urgent question asked BOE's Carney on Brexit, U.K. Economy, 2 days ago   1:53:09

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Brexit must be crushed and democracy with it. The Independent.
dapper patto
House of scam artists and frauds
jay cam
useless lot they really are all waffles with zero action,
Bdger Willams
Dictators must go
The UK pays that to the EU each and every day. Its small change and something Nigel Farage will look at when he takes the reigns in our great parliament very shortly.
Political Analyst
UKIP is our last hope
Didier Lemoine
Britain will keep paying years after years to lose years after years !
Repulse theMonkey
Surely, the single most urgent question is why Parliament is defying our democratic vote, and bending or breaking laws to suit their own agendas.
Jac Crystal
These dudes reckon they're 'sovereign' coz a victorian geezer called Dicey said so-and which means that because the UK is not a constitutional democracy they could abolish voting-after all it's only a privilige and not a fundamental right.
Stuart McKay
Utter shambolic disgrace. Leaving a union and now don't have a defence secretary. Prosecuting veteran soldiers. Resigners, Remainers Remoaners ? Lunatics just Lunatics that crawl up to the back benches and form little happy groups, parties, gangs. Close the place down. Shouting at Corbyn as a threat ? He is pissing himself now.
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BOE's Carney on Brexit, U.K. Economy, Brexit: Urgent question asked 2 days ago   09:27

May.02 -- Bank of England Governor Mark Carney speaks at a news conference in London about Brexit, the "easing" in global financial conditions and the outlook for the U.K. economy, inflation and monetary policy. This is the opening statement of Carney's news conference in London following publication of the central bank's quarterly inflation report.