Prison Documentary - East Jersey Eastern State Penitentiary (1998) 2 months ago   44:53

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Rim Bakitaya
Its paulie cicero!
maga elf
Trumps wall subtle hint
Tisha Steen
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Snooze King
Did they say why they changed it name from Rahway?
Prisons are overflowing because they can't release prisoners who might never be able to get a job, right? Not having a job is what caused most crimes and which is the cause of rising crime. But if we change everything we've been taught, millions who committed small crimes could safely be released. What we're taught is get a wage job, but when someone gets too sick to work ever again, we all know that's catastrophic. What people should be taught is how to have a guaranteed income, and also help other people get one too. Most people stubbornly refuse to change that belief in the wage, a tiny temporary income, which has made the new MLM concept difficult.
Jan Hollon
The State locks these people up under inhumane conditions and no longer having programs to rehab them but to keep them confined and under total control as punishment. Then they let the prisoner out when they complete their sentences or get approved for parole and they hit the bricks (free world) and cause they have no skills to fall back on to support themselves they return to the lifestyle that got them into prison in the first place. So this prison has the same problem as many states prisons across the nation called "The Revolving Door". This return to prison life must stop and new and promising ideas introduced that counters the revolving door problem. Until then, all state and federal prisons ill continue to suffer with this expensive problem
marie hayes
I can't be the only one who's scared of going to jail, but obsessed with watching documentaries about them. Hehehe
John Doe
Growing up, in NJ, living not too far from here, this was known to be the place you do not want to to go to ever. Worse than any prison in NJ.
Fusion GPS Integrity
A lot of white men back then. Was that racism or is that privilege exclusive to blacks?
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton
Delvin Walton
Jeremy Horne
The worst criminals are the banksters, Wall Street, and the ones running the U.S. regime. Start with predator Trump and go all the way down through Congress and their sycophants.
Gee Speller
Hey brothers never help these people they will always hate you
Greg b
I don't understand the Canadian system here read in the news gang members got 12 yr for attempting to kidnap someone but shot him dead got twelve years
A child killer was transferred to a native healing camp.. wish the scum of Canada be transfer to the USA.. well pay the Americans to punish our scum better off
Lion King
Don't forget to tell the people Rahway is a town a couple of blocks away from the prison. Smh
Irving Torres
I useto work in a warehouse mear that prison. On my lunch break you could see the inmates at the yard doing workouts and chilling in the yard.. warehouse i worked at was called F.M.I.. clothes distribution warehouse... i'm from Newark..
I remember going here when I was about 13 or 14 years old. It taught me to never catch a record in New Jersey period.
Bangem Mook
I remember I went to scared straight here in 97
Lee Carwile
The fact that prosecutors and judges can't or won't differentiate between Petty and persistent crime is the reason we are the number one nation for incarceration
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Eastern State Penitentiary (1998) Prison Documentary - East Jersey 2 months ago   53:02

Philadelphia's Eastern State Penitentiary was built in the 1820s, inspired by Enlightenment ideas and Quaker belief in solitary reflection and penitence. This documentary, illustrated with period lithographs, engravings, and photographs, gives a detailed history of the prison from its initial practice of total solitary confinement through its transformation into an overcrowded "Big House" to its replacement with a modern facility in 1970.

The narrative places Eastern's changing practices in their social context and raises serious questions about the contemporary growth of prisons in the United States.

11-10-2016 Comments disabled because of this sort of comment:

"What kind of pussy-ass bitch feels bad for child molesters, murders, and rapists? Oh that's right, DIRTBAG LIBERALS, that's who....I say open this prison back up, throw the goddamn liberals in there"

which only proves that 1) they didn't watch, let alone understand, the video and 2) Americans are really poorly educated. Sad.

The issue of prisons in America is a discussion that should be centered around facts. Sadly, a proportion of youtube commenters seem incapable of discerning facts from uninformed feelings and prejudices.

The video dates from 1998 but the points made are still valid, i.e., that prisons, as exemplified by America's first prison which dates from the 1830's, have *never* fulfilled the original promise of the social problems they would address of either dissuading repeat offenders or rehabilitating criminals.

So, what then, is point of prisons?

If you think this is a liberal/conservative issue, then I can only say, pay better attention to what's being presented.