Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: Samsung Galaxy S10e Review 1 day ago   07:14

Marques Brownlee
Galaxy S10e is a better deal than the S10. And a better deal than the XR. It's a flagship disguised as "premium midrange"

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Joker101 k
At first I thought he said the flagships are like 900 thousand dollars
Drink Me
too bad the fingerprint reader is in a place you will never use. cases.
Dodanim Izaguirre
Who here is buying this for the ikonik skin
Philibert Rousseau
my fingerprint reader seems way slower than yours what do you think is up with my s10e?
Mike Benjamin
Premium phone at a great price.100 thumbs up great video as always.
Guys I’m getting mine what color is the best ( anything but yellow and pink )
Sanyam Malhan
I am gonna buy S10e really soon
Genca Genadijev
This or s9/plus? I really dont know which to pick, because i want better display(which s9/plus has) but i dont want curved
Syam Krishna
Love the way you review..👍🏻
ive watched this like 100 times
ali heidary
Thank u 2
Aldeen Presbitero
So hooked into this review. And with that I'm decided. I'm going to get a sasmsung s10e
You Thought
Apple be running out of ideas...........
Jacob Stefanec
Do androids have good longevity? I would prefer this over a new iPhone but I've heard that androids don't last as long...
Offroad Outdoors
Currently on a s7 and thinking on upgrading.... s9 or s10e
Switched from the iPhone 7 and got my Samsung Galaxy S10e (blue color) Today! This thing is a beast🔥 So happy with it!!
Stafford Stallworth
What about power share
Stafford Stallworth
What about power
Niki Bulev
I've bought one, and figured out that samsung s10e logo is missing from the back of the phone. Do someone know how to check if it's replica?
Hussein Joudee
Don't call it budget call it more affordable.
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Samsung Galaxy S10e Review Samsung Galaxy S10e Review: 1 day ago   08:33

Samsung Galaxy S10e Review. Full Review of the Galaxy S10e flagship killer of 2019. 750$ and crazy specs, camera, design & more.


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