The Geopolitical Impact of the Nile Geography Now! Ethiopia 5 months ago   01:49

Stratfor discusses the geopolitical significance of the Nile River -- Egypt's lifeline and a source of contention among the 10 countries through which it flows.

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that country South Sudan seems to take a hug portion of water compare to the rest
Athanasius Philopatoris Maximus Antonios
there is only and absolute solitary way to defend our rights in the Nile. ..bombing Ethiopian dam ... but we are ruled by pussies, negotiation will always fail as these is nothing on the table to dicuss
문영기 문영기
Xov!!!!!!!ㅡ~~~~~~~~~ㅡ377 April13th2018Friday -----///
Rc4B 14 【ツ】
The longest river in the world is amazonas not Nile
Lake Baikal
I hate Egypt
AG Negash
Egypt need to be friendly if it wants to have water. A treat of war is not the best choice.
Nathan Newman
Correction @ 1:10 - The Nile is not the longest river, the Amazon is.
Payal Lamba
It's so nice explation of nile river .I love it very much ☺☺☺☺
John Whitesell
Is there a way to generate hydroelectric power _without_ damming a river?
Gryffith 13
Ethiopia better be careful, if they do not agree and do build their renaissance dam, effectively ruining Egypt, the military will just marsh over and control Ethiopia, this is because the combined military of all the 10 countries who use the Nile stand no chance against the 15th most powerful military in the world (Egypt)
max radke
Ya know, there is an Ethiopian ordinance that requires its citizens to flush the toilet.

they do this so that Eygpt has enough water.
Defense General
nobody should shut off, exclusively use it, pollute and dirty this important river that millions of ppl live on. it should be shared as it was for thousands of years and should set up a joint committee made up of all the countries involved for the betterment, protection, and cleaning of the enivroment and the river
I thought the Amazon is the longest river in the world?
Justin Williams
Justin Williams
i am 8
Justin Williams
good I ikle it
My country is right there taking a lion's share of the source (L.Victoria) of the white Nile...TANZANIA
I like STRATFORvideos for helping me understanding the world better, i learned much about geopolitics
Ahmed arafa
المشكله ابسط مما يكون لو حصل تعاون ما بين دول النيل ال 11 انتهى الموضوع  
بس المشكله انه لا توجد دول تمتلك الماده في انشاء سدود او خلافه 
ماذا لو اتحدت تلك البلدان وتم اقتراض مبلغ من البنك الدولي او حتى تعاون مادي في انشاء منشات قابله لتوزيع الحصص العادله  
The natural right of a people to use the resources in their aboriginal lands as they choose trumps any claimed historical rights.  No people are older than the Ethiopians, and no land is more aboriginal to its natives as the Ethiopian Highlands are to their natives. The Ethiopian Highlands contribute 85% of the water and 100%of the silt of the greater Nile. Ancient Egypt was settled from the Ethiopian Highlands (Punt).  The father of many rivers, as Greeks thought of it, the Nile is the River of Civilization and the heritage of all humanity. To the Ancient Egyptians and Ethiopians it is Sacred and Divine.
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Geography Now! Ethiopia The Geopolitical Impact of the Nile 5 months ago   12:06

After watching the demographics segment you are free to insert "Willow Smith circa 2010" joke here.....

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