How Does The Large Hadron Collider How to travel faster than light 5 months ago   06:16

An interesting look at the different stages of the large hadron collider(LHC) which was recently "switched on" at CERN's particle physics lab.

(i know this isn't about atheism, evolution or religion, But fuck it, I found it interesting and I'm sure you will too)

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Brandon Gustafson
Possibly create another planet?
Or time travel?
Mr McRageQuit
"so near the speed of light that it goes around the 27km ring 11,000 times a second"
Oh Mai Gawd
Devansh Goel
As speed of light is the ultimate speed limit why do protons donot split and quarks become shorter from there actual size before collision
Athira KP
Phylicia Stevens
Berenstein Bears
Matt S
Glorious 144p HQ animations, don;t you agree? :-)
nelson g
Crazy things!! What is it for?? If the mankind continues increasingly being intolerant one another...
Angel Daemon
I Honestly Do Not Understand How you people believe in what you call a's been said people get it...a unexplained being,creating everything doesn't make any fucking sense,there is only one thing we can't see that really exist,our mind*
Jeffrey Chen
What if some particle sliped out of this time and went back in time and collided to form the universe
Billy Bender
I was thinking more of homeless people. What a waist of money!
Kevin Douglas
You guys power this thing with the same charger I use on my phone? :)~
Aayush Dubey from #1234
What will happen if electron will fall on nucleus


#clay #1million$#prize #7millenialmathproblems #conjecture #meaning an opinion or conclusion formed on the basis of incomplete information.

The #nobility of #proving or #disproving someone's conjecture depends on the nobility of the purpose of the conjecture itself #unless you consider being #knighted and being #rich is TRULY noble.

The science and the mathematics which humans were allowed to access and or what humans refer to as humanity's technological achievements (#precision?) is based on the atomic second(caesium 133).

It is only 0.0000000001 sec #accurate?

humans should never pretend #intelligence.

The technology humans were claiming is simply enough to sustain life on earth for a very finite length of time. And still, humans misused it because of greed.

THE UNIVERSE IS PERFECT. IT IS ACCURATE AND PRECISE TO 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000.........000000000000..........000000000000000000000000000.............000000000000000000........000000.......0000000000.........000000000000000000000000..............(1) of a second.


Linda Bronstein
Good Video. Now time for the Large Hadron Collider Song -
Will100 Smith
how do they contain the energy after the collision ??
Genina Playz
whats your name i need to use you as a source on my essay
Robert Smith
God makes all in 144p extreme shit quality. It is like supersymmetric fart.
Lj Peeters
And in the last day of Jesus`s life the darkness really got pissed off , Jesus never used anger fear and what so ever in his voice , therefor the darkness relieved jesus from his abominated spell now , The Devil takes out each one all of us , he make no mistakes .
The HADRON machine dont have units or parts equal to the mass or foundations equal to the core of what once was a mass from where of the core been hit and excellerated into space and time . The hadron just uses a single path into one direction into collision coarse .for every one who is interested in atomic energy for the best thing never manage the question.the hadron collider is a giantic dynamo , into hyperflux resulting in a vibration because of the collision of loaded and unloaded trajectories resulting into a bzzzt kind of noise carefully scanned by computere software, now everyone is releaved from the scary structure,
lets say we don t look and there try to pull or shoot paricals away from our polarity and fuck earths polarity by shooting overload of negatives into orbit, the northpole creepes and makes nord pull the south and bend the whole thing so we get something like solar stormes on the planet or make a very dangerous thing from the sattelite formations combiding them into a shield where nothing from huge stars reach the earth freaquenties pulsing with earth,hadron machine is a weapon not to be confused with some sorth of stormy weather control device screw up natures kindness into polarity switching.
never mention the huge amount of beeb in our heads.and if it is able to beem people to different location on earth or into space we end up fried,lets say we flick of the switch on the hadron machine en stop using it ever again because the power consumption will flatten any nuclear facillity .
Nick Marshall
I personally believe in God because our universe is so perfect. If had a slightly different orbit around the sun, we would die, if the earth were smaller or larger, we'd die. If cells and life forms didn't work perfectly, we would die. Disagree with me if you want, and say that there's war, therefore there is no god. God didn't create war, man did, so any problems we have, are caused by humans. Also if you complain about disease, and say how God would get rid of it, then your a fool. Without disease, we would all starve, due to the population strain. The way the world is, is perfect, but disagree if you want.
Jennifer Jane
Why not focus on the shit that's going on in this world instead of figuring out where the universe is going? Fucking bullshit
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How to travel faster than light How Does The Large Hadron Collider 5 months ago   10:59

Traveling faster than light is one of humanity’s dreams. Sadly, modern physics doesn’t cooperate. However there are examples where it really is possible to travel faster than light. In this video, Fermilab’s Dr. Don Lincoln tells us of these ways in which the universe breaks the ultimate speed limit.