May admits she would launch nuclear Theresa May: Speech to Conservative 1 day ago   33:05

Prime Minister Theresa May admitted she would launch a nuclear strike against thousands of people if she had to.

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Napoleon Blownapart
These tiny minded people dont understand the meaning of a deterrent. If she says no to that question, then an enemy might get a leverage and, hypotetically speaking, attack UK. The whole point of a deterrent is to make your enemies know you will fight back with nuclear weapons making them give up on the idea of even dreaming of attacking UK.

Thats why no first strike treaties are stupid in functioning democracies. The government would have a really bad time explaining to their electorate why they need to use nuclear weapons without a reasonable cause. The peoples votes and freedoms in democracies are the check and balances for goverments. Not dictatorship countries, like North Korea, were their propaganda will just whitewash any strike they please to do.

The stakes are too high to give up any leverage on the safety our people and societies. That sloth of an MP that asked that question knew very much that she would, like any fit for duty Prime Minister, respond yes. He just asked that for another media hit piece to fuel his party catastrophic Scottish separatism agenda.

I like RT, but i always hated how one side it is, like any other mainstream media unfortunately.
Hey RT, why don't you ask Putin or Xi if they are willing to wipe the face of this Earth millions of people with nuclear weapons if their countries are attacked?
Mike Carone
Leave the Union
Luis Alvarez
RT propaganda fails again
LordOfThe Flightless
How does murdering millions protect us? All it does is prompt and promote the use of nuclear weapons. Imagine if we nuked Berlin under control of the Nazis. We might kill a few Nazis, as well as millions upon million of innocents. This complete disregard of life, and giving of cancer, and destruction of food supplies in other regions due to the nuclear fallout could lead to not only millions of death but billions. There is never a reason to use nuclear weapons other than removing other nuclear weapons.
I do not feel safe if we are willing to kill millions, because if Britain is willing to do this, who else would be? 2 modern nuclear weapons being used in Pakistan and India for instance could lead to the death of 2 billion people.

I would be disgraced to live in a country that would think it morally acceptable to murder indesrimently millions of innocents. This is not security this is a disgrace.

I am ashamed of having this CUNT as my prime minister. She no leader to us, and does not speak for us.
Jamie Walker
Upgrade the trident and m8ssile technology but no more nuclear weapons
Safa Safa
in 2 years time she proved to be the donkey that no donkey will ever accept as a donkey
Julian McSweeney
I'm not a fan of May's but I vote for her if she nuked the thieving, lying cunt Putin.
tina davies
You all need sacking am not voting anymore good bye
Safa Safa
T May you and Harry potters don't know the terrorists at all?
The orcrastrated attacks she means?? And what freedoms and values is she advocating? Neoliberal values - but - not - freedoms? Unless your rich that is? These charlatans are the problem? Their evil twisted and distorted version of freedom and values are the very crux of problem : deceit and lies! Her French is as obvious and fake as her facade!
Movie News
assess if there is 14:44 a way back to sanity.
Movie News
stop immigration,... that way
blah blah
I'd give her 1
Wayne Power
Fuck of lies she lets them in she rewards them hang all MPs she means all for sale it's Mr burns in drag
Straightwhite Guy
I wished she would say Muslim.
Syd Diesel
May and her party are evil FACT!
Peter Finn
You lot made isis twats !!!!!!!!!
Peter Finn
her husband heads a hypersonic missile contract with the UK &us #warprofiteering!!!!! war is the biggest money maker.its just sad that civilians get the effects of all this bullshit
The Tin Man
MAY is just a piece of crap 💩 and would risk ww3 just to kiss TRUMP'S ARSE and would risk the lives of the BRITISH 🇬🇧 PEOPLE to end BREXIT 🇪🇺
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Theresa May: Speech to Conservative May admits she would launch nuclear 1 day ago   1:02:26

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