Jersey Shore: Ronnie Magro 8 'Teen Mom' Kid Transformations We're 1 day ago   01:13

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Get a sneak peek at ET's exclusive sit-down interview at the reality star's Las Vegas home.

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“engaged aint married”
You can tell he’s not happy look how he walked into the room
Cindy Silveria
Omgosh his daughter is adorable
Shawn M
I guarantee Ron tried to pound out the reporter.
G-Mack, 58.
Mike is in prison, and I think he has a situation between his cheeks! 🤢🤮
William Wallace
did drugs cause him and sammi to break up?
yourefat andlazy
what a family mess and the kid isnt even 5 yet
Andre Whitley
That's why she wont come back to the show cause of Ron she know either shell fall back for him or hell go loco
Vinny B
Why is he a single dad?
Nancy Robbins
Cynthia R
You ain’t fooling anyone Ronnie. I can see the pain of knowing that you’re with that crazy woman.

I hope this couple can change their ways for lil Ariana.
awakened one
She should get tested for aids
Cody Flasch
who cares
Breathe GUD
Behold. Proof that money will never buy happiness. Dude looks on the brink of suicide.
Thumbs up if you are stunned that these grease balls are still alive from aids and std’s
Brittany Day
Mike is in prison again???
MadisonHannah Shelley
He looks a lot healthier than he did a little while ago
jenny ann
I knw he has done wrong in the past... but y can see he is 100% devoted to his daughter and to giving her the best life possible.... have to give it to him alot of men wud run... he didnt fair play alot of respect for him....
cocaine and steroids don't mix matter what love you have😔
George Panagiotou
“The eyes never lie Chico” he wants her back ..
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8 'Teen Mom' Kid Transformations We're Jersey Shore: Ronnie Magro 1 day ago   27:07

A look back at how much all the kids of 'Teen Mom' have grown since we first met them.

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