2WISTD - This EVO will BLOW I Bought A Luxury 5th Wheel RV From 5 months ago   48:46

Mighty Car Mods
DROP THE BASS/PANTS - It's not a show car until the subs are shaking your clothes off, so in this episode we attempt to get 2WISTD banging out some epic tunes!

This episode is shot 'Disrespected Nose' Style - this means no music, no VO and minimal editing. We hope you enjoy it!


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Mighty Car Mods
This 48 minute special episode is 'disrespected nose' style - no music, no voice over and minimal editing. Enjoy the sheer unadulterated beauty that is 2WISTD! Next time we hit up the Dyno for some 2SEXY crushing power figures...
This brings me back like 15 years! I had a small Fiat Cinquecento Abarth, pulled the backseat out and build a stereo in it. Double 1200w subs, 2 monoblock amps, 6 speakers on one big multi channel amp, all JBL. When I cranked it everything started shaking, the little roof window and window wipers started bouncing up and down lmao. The vibrations cracked the backwindow one time when I went too far. Good times
Marko Korša
YouTube postoji zbog vas, respekt, zakon likovi💪💪💪💪
Rage Quit247657
Its originally a 1974 silver mecerdes benz 280E Sedan
kalin zahariev
26:18 that fart lol
Eric Estrada
"maximum... *places finger* hehe"
Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait... pretty sure I just saw a BMW 3 series *today* with a licence plate just like the one you found on the reg sticker, slightly different because UK but i think it was "EY35OFF" ...people copying 2WISTED's past already? xD
Lol, those MASSIVE SUBS are the cheapest shit you can buy from wallmart :D One decent 8" sub will be louder than those.
"You know why its heavy right?" "Because its the passenger seat and......." "Yeah"
mad as a box a frogs lol great vids guys.......
Auto Spot
Hope this doesn't get crushed too
saying that is an evo is saying a f150 with a gt500 motor is a mustang
Alright, someone explain to me the heavy passenger seat comment at 15:47
Matthew Hopkins
Just a helpful tip, if you want to complete a circuit without using a long length of wire you can use an exposed portion of metal on the car frame with your ground from the meter, and the ground from whatever device you are going to, thus completing the ground through the aluminum frame of the car and saving you some wire.
Willem Beltman
Step 1: Get a 1.5v battery
Step 2: Attach plus and minus of speaker to battery
Step 3: Listen which speaker makes noise
Step 4: Profit?
13:36 was this an intentional joke or did ya miss to splice in some 2Sxy shots lol =)
What they did was took the rca cables ran them from the head unit to the first amp (300W amp) then branched that off to the amp in the rear so bridging the amps, the 2000W amp powers the 2 subs and the 300W amp powers the front 2 or 4 speakers.
Che Sanchez
That's a Mitsubishi mirage bro......with evo motor
Nate Hill
Do you ever actually DRIVE the f-ing thing? You should number your episodes so we can tell if we've missed some.
Thanks for the Crossover education Moog! TIL.
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I Bought A Luxury 5th Wheel RV From 2WISTD - This EVO will BLOW 5 months ago   16:45

I needed a place to call home so I bought a 5th wheel.

Need clean water? https://amzn.to/2xYoDUI

Instagram @rebuilderguy

This rebuild was made possible by Turbo Import Parts. They sell used oem parts for turbo charged or imported cars!


Music by https://soundcloud.com/mbbofficial

#thieves #fulltimeliving #copart