Zoids GOJULAS ( ZOIDZILLA ) MK 2 Review Zoids Review: Rebirth Century 3 months ago   04:41

this is the pretty cool gojulas mark 2

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It looks like a cross of Trypticon and Mechagodzilla.
6sh0t & All in a Blurr
Brilliant zoid, nice and menacing and large scale, looking good with the light-up eyes, enjoyable vid Graham.
_"He looks better in the dark"_ - don't we all!

I loved Zoids, but I loved them as much for the UK story that went with the toys as anything else. The whole Blue Zoid v Red Zoid / humans crashing on the planet, was really derivative - but great! One of the things I didn't like about the Japanese Zoids is how they were tied to a generic 'giant robot' thing that the Japs seemed to love but didn't have the character the UK version did. Just like with TF's, the Western style story to tie them together was what gave the generic robots real character and emotion.
great to see something different. I was familiar with zoids in the 90s but I've never owned one. more zoids reviews would be welcome if you are up for doing more in the future.
Can't wait for the Spider-Man and zoids reviews!
Awesome! The MK 2 is pretty hard to come by nowadays. Honestly the Gojulas/Zoidzilla looks great in whatever color scheme he's cast in, and those big supercannons make him look even better.
Alex Lemonds
This does look like something godzilla would fight.
Charles V
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Zoids Review: Rebirth Century Zoids GOJULAS ( ZOIDZILLA ) MK 2 Review 3 months ago   13:13

A review of Takara TOMY's 25th Anniversary Rebirth Century 1/72 King Gojulas. Feel free to Like, Comment & Subscribe for more. My first video by the way so hope you enjoy it.