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For the first time, Violet, 85, will be alone at Christmas after her last two friends and immediate family died last year. She is one of the estimated 3400,000 people who will spend the festive period alone, latest stats from Age UK show. "If no one invites me, I will watch the television", she said.

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Sabah Amal
What's happened to the family spirit. People too self absorbed & selfish.
This is part of the Progress Paradox??? 😥🇦🇺 of the modern world 👎
Dr.Sindhura Pothineni
This is just heartbreaking ,while iam still mourning in death of my grandma died 3 yrs ago miss her like crazy hoping to see again at least in dreams but I can't so I help elderly hoping my grandma would see me happily ,I would never leave my parents or grandparents in an old age home never never I love them to death
Kevin Bollinger
I am 187 years old and have no one
Lady Chatelaine
What a sweet lady. I hope she's had that mark on her face looked at by her Dr. She is very pragmatic about her situation and, now that families are so scattered, realises it's the status quo, these days. I have spent the past 3 Xmases on my own looking after my friend's 3 dogs (and mine) so that she can visit her family 200 miles away. I don't mind as I don't keep Xmas anyway....pagan festival that is all about food and getting 'stuff' that nobody needs, anyway! 🤨
Summer Snow
I'm 61 years old and alone. Spent last Christmas and New Years alone.
Egyptian lion lion
Can we be friends please
R Bear
Its ashame how seniors are left at holidays. I'm 75 and live alone but come holidays I have a house full of seniors that are alone. As long as I can help I will.
Dru Smith
We should set up more communal living arrangements for people who don't have families.
anthony keaveny
I am 81 and I live in a block of 82 flats , supported living. The ones who are alone and lonely have made their beds. Try and help and you will be rudely rebuffed . This is how they have lived their lives. There are givers and takers in this world and the chickens come home to roost. You feel sorry because they are old. I am also old and I can see through them.
Celia Wilson
You may be older but you are lovely,god bless xx
This is the most realistic video I have ever seen.
Hasifah Sapuan
Loneliness affect people of all agee. YOUNG AND LONELY.
Lauri Sheldon
It's New years! N we're talking. She did really well
Lauri Sheldon
Ok, dadgumit. Let's all, getogether. Let's have a getogether. N they don't getta invite.....k? Want, too?
Lauri Sheldon
Hey, evybdy. I'm here. N I love ya'll. Byt, Jesus, is always with us. A best friend. N my closest relitive
Marilyn Cruz
I wish she was my neighbor I would invite her over even for tea😢
burned oils
lol just die old b*tch
Helen Murphy
very sad i shared this so she gets an invite
Helen Murphy
im with friends if not ill read, get on computer, cook
Newer Account
What’s the difference between lastnight and tonight?
The television tells you to feel bad when alone
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Cameras Followed This 98 Year-Old Elderly alone at Christmas: "Unless 3 months ago   05:51

Mary Tony was a relatively able-bodied senior citizen from Pennsylvania. She had a bunch of friends at a local senior citizens’ center, but sadly she wasn’t able to spend all her hours there. While she was home alone, however, she passed the time in the saddest way – and it made one of her companions cry to watch.

Growing old isn’t as much fun as you might imagine. Though you don’t have to support your children or go to work, the so-called golden years aren’t so happy for many older people.

Indeed, it can be a lonely time, particularly if you have outlived your friends or if you don’t have family members living nearby. This might be hard to imagine when you’re young, but the later stages of life can in fact be extremely isolating for many.

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