Baby accidentally given to wrong Boy living with Treacher Collins 2 days ago   11:14

BBC News
A couple who were given the wrong baby by a hospital in El Salvador a year ago, have finally been allowed to travel home with the correct child. Rich Cushworth - who is British - and his wife, Mercedes - were only given a birth certificate for their son Moses a few days ago. They landed back home in Dallas, Texas this week where they have been speaking exclusively to our correspondent Matthew Price.

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April Summers
Taken out of me?? She says!!! Yeeesh
Cheryl L. Conner
Yes. I hope that this lovely family is compensated for their out-of-pocket legal expenses, as well as as compensation for their pain and suffering.
dayna lynn
This happened to my mother with my brother. When they handed her the wrong baby she said she through a huge scene. They tried saying the same thing, that they were sure it was her baby. But she knew and she wasn’t having it
goharik jones
I am so sorry for this lovely couple they have gone through so much, the first three years the nurse someone else's child... Not her own...they are such a lovely people, God bless you all.
goharik jones
There is No instinct than mother's .
When this happened to Rob and Laura- it was a lot funnier.
Sharon Hein
And you would think whoever got her baby would say hey this is not my baby...
Sylvia Luna
😵id so sue! They are so dumb for thinking they could keep the other baby too
p larkin
The look on their faces SAYS it all.
Lisa Hennessey
This has always been a fear of mine. Luckily the hospital I delivered both babies in doesn't have a nursery, but I still did NOT let them take my babies out of my eye sight until they both had on their ID bracelets that matched mine and their fathers. What a horrible and traumatic experience for all involved. I look at my 8 month old daughter and couldn't imagine the horror I'd feel if I was told today she wasn't my biological child. That hospital should be sued so hard!!!!!!
Anmariz Caballes
It almost happened to my mom when she gave birth to me. The hospital staff told my mom that the child was dead and my mom also argued because she saw me cry right after I was born then the doctor told my mom that I am healthy so the thing is my mom and the original mother of the child who was dead, has the same surname and the doctor approached the nurse and told that the dead baby wasn't me, so yeah it got fine right after.
Morgan Falk
Why are they taking the babies away from their mothers? Babies need to feed and cuddle with their mothers 24/7
Kim Possible
Yes. These people, and the other parents as well have a right to know...
WHAT HAPPENED, HOW did this happen??
Ah man I wanted to hear from the other set of parents. I wonder if that mother knew her child wasn’t hers.
Bridget Yorke
Disgustig incompetence
Kenneth Wimer
sweet lady!
Madden Master
SAD,,over 17,000 humans mostly children die each day from over population .please
i would want to keep both babies too
James Harris
She has a good husband , i would have been like who black child is this cause its not mine.
Vella No.1
luckily i was born at home .... lucky me!
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Boy living with Treacher Collins Baby accidentally given to wrong 2 days ago   07:41

"I know everyone looks different, except I look a lot more different than everyone else," Nathaniel Newman told ABC News' Elizabeth Vargas.