Running Engine, Harder To Kill Test Fire of 43 Machine Guns 1 day ago   11:32

Demolition Ranch Tees here! Comes with a free hug if I catch you wearing it.

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"Club Diver" by Kevin MacLeod from
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Dang Matt your broke your new toy
Sascha Singsong
The car will not show you that it is hot, when all the coolant is out.
So when you are driving and the temperatur drops, a hose most likely did burst.
Greetings :)
sebastian wynter
Can we see what the engine outside of the car looks like?
Hazaruddin 04
9:39 (pause) de heck is dat
Hazaruddin 04
"as u can see"
Don't tell mere you bought this car looking like that 😂🤣
Ford tough
4:46 but it doesn’t have a transmission
mfw america builds sturdier cars than houses
That's the only thing a Ford is good for
Jae kamacho
Should have went full accountant and shot it from the shoulder!
Maxed Whip
you just absolutely have to bring this to a mechanic, and tell him this car should be working because it hasnt even been in any car accidents, yet it just stopped working while you were filming!
TheReal Monkey
I wanted you to light it up with the RPK for visual damage
UTG Toastyz
Has a normal pistol, pulls out a fucking golden revolver
Pittsburgh Plays
Nice intro
An Huynh
Enters to win the contest...dreams of winning... realizes I live in California :(
mirandaSR9 Gaming
0:00 to 0:59 when someone takes your parking lot
ghost468 Jnjj
U spend wayyyyyyyyyyyy so much money on cars
David Melton
The first shot that went threw he said "look you can see the coolant coming out down there"..... That was florescent dye from the refrigerant in the AC system 😂 hold your breath Matt 🤢
Mushroom Hatters Adventers
Lol $$$ best intro ever $$$
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Test Fire of 43 Machine Guns Running Engine, Harder To Kill 1 day ago   09:25

Washington County Machine Guns brings out every machine gun we have once a year and do a test fire one after another with a single video take. Customers from around the world enjoy our machine gun rental business near Pittsburgh PA from April to November each year. This is an unedited video with a few hiccups with a couple of the machine guns that are heavily used in our classes.

UPDATE: Since this video, we have purchase 10+ more MG's including an M2HB 50BMG, MG42, M249 SAW, M1919, Degtyaryov RPD, Mini Uzi, STEN II, STEN 5, Glock 22, AC556, and an M14.

Like us on Facebook at:

We had a few comments that there were only two or three "real machine guns" in this video. In the USA, The National Firearms Act, 26 U.S.C. 5845(b), defines a machine gun to include any weapon which shoots, is designed to shoot, or can be readily restored to shoot, automatically more than one shot, without manual reloading, by a single function of the trigger." We use the same definition.