Fredo Bang x Nle Choppa - Gangsta Quando Rondo - Gun Powder (Official 3 months ago   02:43

Fredo Bang
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Fredo Bang
“Gangsta Talk🤫”
keshon frazier
ayethis lit af
Y’all went awffffffff
Gucci MoneyyBagg
Big Ape
MikeGamingPoint 4
Be for I came video had 118k after I came 119k like never had that happen to me
Bandit Himself Too
Choppa remind me of gee
Capalot Phon
4kt nobody safe
Lucky Brown
griselda2428 griselda2428
NBA stevenlowks
How this nigga went from playing basketball then he started rapping about killing nigga all cap 😂😂👎
Jamal Heath
Sound like a intro to some hood shit!!
Thugga Thug
Good yeah
Dominic Meyer
Chicken Barnes
Fye asf🤣🤣
Anbu Amv's
Nle with a damn demon lol
jabur jackson
Price on his ball cap
Yvette Owens
Is Nle a blood or a crip
Anaun Emouz
Wit the draco
Pimpin Aint Dead
Lmmfao did NLE say I'm hotter than herpes? If so that was a shot at young boy foSho! Lmao
bush kush
NLE Choppa went hard.
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Quando Rondo - Gun Powder (Official Fredo Bang x Nle Choppa - Gangsta 3 months ago   02:20