Port Clarence and Greatham South Cockermouth Flood Risk Management 5 months ago   03:19

The Environment Agency has completed a vital new Teesside flood scheme which benefits local residents and businesses and provides a significant boost to local wildlife.

Costing almost £16million, the Port Clarence and Greatham South project has increased flood protection to Port Clarence residents from the River Tees and Greatham Creek while also creating new habitat the size of over 90 football pitches for local wildlife.

The Environment Agency has worked closely with local businesses SABIC and INOVYN as well as partners at Natural England and RSPB to complete the project.

Here the Environment Agency's Phil Marshall talks about the scheme in more detail.

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Cockermouth Flood Risk Management Port Clarence and Greatham South 5 months ago   03:43

Watch as David 'the duck' Duckinson gives you a tour of the Environment Agency's £4.4m Cockermouth flood risk management scheme.

David Duckinson is delighted with the new scheme and shows you what it looks like for ducks and other local wildlife.

The Environment Agency is officially unveiling its brand new flood defences which will reduce the risk of flooding to more than 400 homes and businesses in Cockermouth.

A grand opening will take place on Tuesday 11th June, with the public encouraged to come along and see for themselves the 120-metre wide innovative self-closing flood barriers, which rise automatically when the river is in flood and retain views of the river throughout the rest of the year.

The Environment Agency provided £3.35m towards the project from the Government's Flood Defence Grant in Aid funding, with an additional £1.1m worth of contributions from Cumbria County Council, Allerdale Borough Council, Cockermouth Flood Action Group, Cumbria Floods Foundation and Cockermouth residents and businesses.