A Brief History of Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn: 'Of course I love 2 days ago   01:41

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MP for Islington North, Labour party leader and committed activist: who is the man currently leading one of Britain's biggest political parties and what does he believe?

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Comments 188 Comments

Paul Ordair.
Ask the Russians what they think of Socialism find out how many hundreds of million died under Socialism.
Paul Ordair.
We need to bring back hanging for terrorist's.
Paul Ordair.
Go live with your Hizbolah mates in Iran .
Mobius Trip
The best Brexiter in disguise 👌
Also anti Semitic..nice..what a guy
He’s an anti uk, terrorist loving old fool who is destroying white working class labour vote in the uk.
No mention of him being too frail to be PM?
Robert Brown
Jeremy Corbyn is a terrorist loving half wit who actually thinks Dianne Abbott is clever, do me a favour.
Evil man
Matthew Webley
Our only hope for the future.
Al Raw
I support him as leader of the opposition, but never leader of the Uk 🇬🇧
Ray Morse
They seemed to have missed out being buddies with sinn fein, laying wreaths at known terrorist graves, and pissing off the jewish community!
Apologist for terrorists. Communist.
H l Evans
He’s a arse hole
H l Evans
A fookin idiot
Janet Meah
Corbin the communist ,Is that OK?
Corbyn is a, thankfully, weak willed traitor to the UK. He has every idea on how to follow, but no idea how to lead. His association with dictators and terrorist organisations, simply for the photo shoot, destroyed him many years ago. His obsession with his incompetent right hand woman has done him no favours. I am an Army Veteran, I have no allegiance except to the Queen. May is a damp towel, Blair was convincing. Labour would have so much more to offer if Corbyn and Abbott were to sail off into the sunset.
mc 007
And an even briefer future .
Corbyn and Bernie could do great things for the west!

Experienced, consistent and incorruptible. These are men of the people.
dave shaw
can not stand the man.over 3000 deaths because of I.R.A and surrporting it .and waking up the next day finding out they bombed birmingham .
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Jeremy Corbyn: 'Of course I love A Brief History of Labour Leader 2 days ago   09:12

Jeremy Corbyn set out his priorities to Jon Snow in his first major TV interview as The Labour Party leader.