Winter Anime 2019 in a Nutshell Anime Fans: The Ultimate Guidebook 3 months ago   10:55

There are a lot of Bangers this season.
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you wanna know whats amazing = RISING OF THE SHIELD HERO
Banished Air
So w'z is the successor to Hand Shakers and K Project
jkl o
"18th century truck-kun"
Literally crying rn 😁
lorenco jera
0:44 same for me
tiffany the potato
samurai Hellen Keller XDD
El loco
2:57 Is that a Motherfucking Jojo's reference?
brian ha
Yo anime bro, make a 2019 spring anime thing. :DDDD Plzzz you havnt uploaded in weeks
THE PROMISED NEVERLAND came off to me as one big advertisement for why 'meat is murder' but i aint judging.
Domestic girl's opening is more then a banger. its an all time best song.
Dunno *Help*
at this point I'm almost full convinced that you are the deepest parts of my mind in human form
Now I understand why your saying winter anime sorry I'm in a different country anyway attack on titan season 3 part 2 so soon
Naomii Watts
It's the Spring season dude! Where is the next video?!
βeta Spark
1:38 is that a sailor moon reference?
(Creeps out of the doorway that is anime spring 2019) pst hey. Want some good banger shit? I gotchu bro. (Passes file of Carole and Tuesday opening, ending... hell the entire soundtrack in general) how I got this despite Netflix being bitches keeping it hostage. Don’t worry are connections can hook you up from are free locations.
Umaru Chan
Hahaha kakegurui laughs
Annie Lu
You know I’m actually reading liking the rising of the shield hero-starting watching it today
Jason Carto
_"If a tsundere and tsundere liked eachother, would they ever find out?"_
Wait a fucking minute.
I actually want Vsause to investigate this.
Huey Nguyen
V-sauce bit had me dying
What music is that playing at 9:50? (I hate to be the person asking that, but it's not stated in the description)
Warren E
So im reading domestic girlfriend by far the best thing i have read out of everything here, cuz i mean nudity.
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Anime Fans: The Ultimate Guidebook Winter Anime 2019 in a Nutshell 3 months ago   10:41

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Today we get a scientific look at the different types of Anime fans that exist, and have evolved out of the Anime fans we used to know about.


Edited by: Bakashift

End Card Design by: Sooin Chung
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