A Week with the P30 Pro Samsung Galaxy Fold review: 1 day ago   05:31

Dave Lee
Dave2D review of Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. The night camera is lit, the 50X zoom is gimmicky. Solid phone but i dunno if it beats the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices
Phone skins from - https://www.dbrand.com

Fast phones with amazing cameras are made by every single company but are the P30 and P30 Pro enough to compete? The kirin processor feels very fast but the software needs some work still.

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Dave Lee
nobody: i need a 50x zoom camera in my pocket

awesome phone but it doesn't beat the Galaxy S10 devices for me. Which would you prefer?
Roniel Zonio
Yeah the only issue of huawei is the speaker.
Abdul Qayyum
Wow, you're a really true reviewer
Niman Shakya
xperia 1
This phone to record video is shit. Facts
Ocho Cinco
You forgot to talk about the reverse wireless charging.
Look here, The P30 Pro literally beats the S10+ in all aspects, camera, speed, the design. I'd rather have a Huawei. That's it.
Plus, what do you mean when you say you prefer to use the ultrasonic rather than the optical fingerprint reader, I don't see any logic in that.
Cross 111
What i really like about you is your honesty in your reviews 😊
Cheers man 😉
Hosni Guiling
Finally, the review that truly dissuaded me from buying the P30 Pro. Thank you!
Felix Miller
Actually the reason why the color seems "Red" in huawei P30 series is because of the RYB Sensor ( Red, Yellow and Blue ) and we all know red will appear more red if we add Yellow to it. and the other camera sensor using RGB and the Green will tone down the redness
Gadgets King
i also revewed this phone😍😍this phone is cool.and gys tell me what is your opinion about this phone
Grown Ass Gaming
awww we say don't correct to pink and celebrate Golden complexions
Jameboy Lourds
A very good review as to tell us which phone is better to choose n the selling points of each phones n also the gimmicks
Gerald Laurence Zordilla
Agree 1000% on EMUI impression. About time Huawei sigh*
Asfand Yaar Sher
Muhamad Thariq Sabri
I see your point there. But if i have to choose between huawei and samsung in my country, absolutely huawei since samsung uses exynos soc instead of sd.
Hahaha rip apple night sight nice touch
GIS Tech
I was wondering for a long time if I should get the P30/P30 pro.. and then I got the Honor View 20. About 40% cheaper, still a great camera and build and still the same CPU.
Bug found first 3s.
"Hey, how's it going ? Dave2D here."
Vernes Choi
iphone's camera........ RIP
Steve Cooper
You have such a soothing voice. Really great listening to the reviews. Should do some therapeutic tapes :D
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Samsung Galaxy Fold review: A Week with the P30 Pro 1 day ago   10:59

Samsung is still launching the Galaxy Fold on April 26th, despite reports about problems with the screen. Despite those issues, our review answers the most important questions: does the screen, camera, performance, and software experience hold up?

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