A Week with the P30 Pro iPad Pro 2018 Review 1 day ago   05:31

Dave Lee
Dave2D review of Huawei P30 and P30 Pro. The night camera is lit, the 50X zoom is gimmicky. Solid phone but i dunno if it beats the Samsung Galaxy S10 devices
Phone skins from - https://www.dbrand.com

Fast phones with amazing cameras are made by every single company but are the P30 and P30 Pro enough to compete? The kirin processor feels very fast but the software needs some work still.

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Dave Lee
nobody: i need a 50x zoom camera in my pocket

awesome phone but it doesn't beat the Galaxy S10 devices for me. Which would you prefer?
Raihan Hafizh
Neil Yu
That picture reasoning is something I've been trying to tell people! It's actually true
What are those tube looking like lights. Where to buy.
Love Dave Lee because he keeps his videos short and clean, he doesnt get you tired!
Jeffrey Kang
Your last comment. Why don't you use the same logic for apple products or Macs?
Jason Shen
I think your reviews are generally objective. But for this one, try using Samsung for 6 months with a lot of apps installed then you'll see why people move to Huawei. Samsung would be a better choice if it doesn't turn unbearably slow after a while.
Jimmy Bon
This should been updated already... on the ban itself...
Artform Insights!
And...with the price drop now ...is this phone worth getting for the camera and no Google services? Hmmm......
Ke Ng
Google is banning Huawei
Mozam Ali
Dave One word for you
Kit Villacin
I died 1:44 😂
Matěj V.
I got my s10 2 days ago. I´m returning that shit, because the battery life is absolutely pathetic and the fingerprint scanner is a piece of shit. I rescanned my thumb maybe 5 times and this shit won´t ever unlock on first try. Getting P30 PRO.
Aside from Samsung Galaxy S10, all other Android phones are too focused on promoting certain hardware and neglecting the overall performance of the phone through better software
Agung Prabowo
That’s is good one Dave, thank you.
And maybe could you help me, which one is better sounding with the same headphone? S10e or P30?
P30 Pro still the king...The camera is superior. OIS , better aperture, better wide angle lens (add to that the longer zoom).
I do hate the curved screen on the P30 Pro and that's the main reason I don't buy it.
sardar khan
I consider you white.
Leica cameras ❤️
Stop criticising p30 Pro. You fool! You look like someone from the Simpsons
1:43 iphone XS -RIP 😂😂😂
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iPad Pro 2018 Review A Week with the P30 Pro 1 day ago   04:27

Dave2D review of the 2018 iPad Pro. The best tablet on the market. Super powerful hardware this year but still limited by iOS. It's usable as a laptop replacement for light workloads.
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