Watch Obama's rally from Democrats take control of House, 4 months ago   47:34

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Dr. Deadpool
Obama had no time to make improvements in the US. He had bigger stuff to worry about like taking selfies at Nelson Mandela's funeral and hanging with the movie stars
Obama full ghetto
Mr Liar, mr all talk, mr failure. Pathetic.
The hypocritical house negro who was the perfect puppet for neo liberal elites. Fooled the black community, but is just a fraud community organiser paid for by wealth.
Greg Grimer
416 views. Nobody care what this failure thinks. They don't show the crowd because of empty seats.
D. Damn it!
John Tim
BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!! - he added $9 Trillion in Debt (doubling it), increased US Trade Deficit to record levels, gave ISIS a free pass, permitted China to build Military bases in the Spratly Islands, permitted China to steal plans for all latest US fighter jets, permitted North Korea to develop Nuclear Weapons & the Ballistic Missiles to launch them. He definitely made the US stronger & the world a safer place !!! Best President Ever!!!!
John Tim
13th Amendment: Abolished Slavery - 100% Republican Support / 23% Democrat Support
14th Amendment: Gave Citizenship to Freed Slaves - 94% Republican Support / 0% Democrat Support
Obama looks and sounds very sick.
Warren Outley
I have never listened to a former president that had so many excuses for our thriving economy !
Mr Obama you're right, You Didn't Build That .
If i want to hear great speeches, I'll go to the theater and watch a Shakespeare play. If I want a president who values actions over words, I'll vote Trump. The former president also needs to quit his cigarette habit - he sounds rough. Yesterdays man
Adas A
The Best President ever of all US and World History.
Tommy Tucker
It was during Obama's presidency that China moved into Africa and Obama did nothing to stop it.
Actions matter more than words. Obama got nothing done because he spent his time as potus stood in front of the mirror practicing speeches, instead of working for Americans.
Ball Bag
This is how a leader should sound and act. God i miss intelligent leaders
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Democrats take control of House, Watch Obama's rally from 4 months ago   10:18

CNN projects that the Democrats have won enough seats to take control of the US House of Representatives from the GOP. #midterms #elections #CNN #News