No Country for Old Men - Crossing The Border (HD) No Country for Old Men: Who is Anton Chigur? 2 months ago   03:56

Moss staggers toward the border to Mexico, meeting on the way three young adults who appear to be returning to the States from a night of drinking across the border.
They are not locals, as we infer from their lacking the distinctive Southern drawl. Moss offers to pay one of the men 500 dollars for his coat. Following an exchange of distrustful remarks, they agree. Later, after having collapsed on a staircase in Mexico, Moss is woken up by the music of a mariachi group playing only a few feet away from him

No Country for Old Men - Border Scene
No Country for Old Men - The 'United States Border Station

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jose rojas
3:16 that's how they wake up the bums when they sleep right by the stage
Matt Mushan
Wouldn’t he die from those wounds?
Pasha Defragzor
Глебус до меня не дойдет
oktay kuzu
This is movie is masterpiece.
There is Trump’s wall
This is kinda like the scene where Anton gets in the car crash.
Karukol Sreenu
This is the most beautiful scene of the movie.
fuck those kids
Brian Smith
3:16 that's when you remember it's a Coen brothers film
August 31, 1997 Karma will have it's retribution.
Hope you upload more scenes from this movie. A masterpiece of a film.
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No Country for Old Men: Who is Anton Chigur? No Country for Old Men - Crossing The Border (HD) 2 months ago   23:35

No Country for Old Men is one of the best films that has ever been made, and it also features one of the best villains ever to appear on the big screen - Anton Chigur. But who or what did Anton Chiqur actually represent in this film? In this episode we look at 5 possible answers to that question.