Trying out the new Greggs vegan sausage MEAT vs VEGAN SAUSAGE ROLL 6 months ago   02:39

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Just in time for Veganuary Greggs have unveiled their vegan-friendly sausage roll. Sabrina and Ben sat down to try it out and see if it lives up to its meaty rivals.

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Had one today, it doesn't taste or even have the same texture as a real sausage roll.

There's no point to it.
How much..?
Its a trap to get vegans to eat real meat!
iSausage roll?
Julian john
where hell you get your greggs from? im lucky if I get a paper bag for my food.
Robbie Bell
They got a third more protein than the regular as well
Aaron Merkel
the packaging is hilarious but a bit much. seems like a waste :) glad they did a vegan version. i'm in the states so i never heard of Greggs
Deb Daniels
If course committed vegans want this as a snack! What do you think we want? Grass!!!
Random BlackDude
Damn she’s cute
Rojer Grison
It is not a sausage roll , you can call it a Vegan roll or a sausage shaped roll , but the definition of a sausage has some kind of meat in it .
Katie 3010
Quorn have been selling amazing vegetarian sausage rolls in supermarkets for years! Obvs not vegan but it's another veggie option for meat eaters or vegetarians.
Haha, Vegan food at GREGS!!! as if any real vegan would go into one of those grief holes for nourishment!
John Lenin
Time for meat eaters to die.
You cant call a vegan "sausage" roll a sausage roll - what a bunch of twats
I was disappointed to find out that it didn't actually contain any Vegans...
Angela W
Our local Greggs sold out by 11.30 am. 80 vegan sausage rolls
So, is this for vegan who wants to remember the taste of sausage,
or for preparing non-vegan to adapt the vegan diet?
They don't pack um like that up North!
I'd sure try one! I've heard good things about them
slaxxxer Aznarder
Fucking absurd packaging!
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